Detective Pikachu Returns: Where to Find the Hidden Cleffa

Here's where to find the two Cleffa playing hide and seek in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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While you explore Rhyme City in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll be able to help people and Pokemon alike with your detective skills. Some will have easier quests than others — while some are some real headscratchers. In the Ruins area, you’ll find a Cleffa who needs help finding its friends. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the hidden Cleffa

Where to Find the Hidden Cleffa in Detective Pikachu Returns

Once you enter the Ruins after completing the Missing Jewel case, you’ll be able to find a Cleffa before you walk up to the Ruin’s door. If you talk to the Cleffa, it will explain that it was playing hide and seek with its friends but can’t find them. It will ask you if you can find the other two Cleffa because they have plans later. 

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Where to Find the First Cleffa Location

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The first Cleffa can be found by going up to the campfire by the Ruin’s door and heading left. There will be a path that leads down to a tree, where you’ll find the first Cleffa. After you talk to it, it will go back to its friend and wait for you to find the last one. 

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Where to Find the Second Cleffa Location

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To find the second Cleffa, you’ll want to go to the right of Ursaring by the entrance to the Ruins. You’ll find an area that has a small pond. Go all the way to the right of the pond, and you’ll find the second Cleffa underneath a tree. Once you talk to it, it’ll return with the other Cleffa, and the case will close. 

That’s where to find the hidden Cleffa in Detective Pikachu Returns. They’re at the furthest left and furthest right in the Ruins area by trees. If you need more help solving cases, check out our DPR guides hub

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