Diablo 4: All Dry Steppes Cellar Locations

If you're looking for a cellar in the Dry Steppes, this guide will help you find it.

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The Dry Steppes region in Diablo 4 can be explored during Act 3 — unless you’re like me and you start exploring the area early and get crushed. It contains Ked Bardu, where the Barbarian class priority quest is, as well as where you find Lorath after you first part ways in Kyovashad. It also contains a number of cellars throughout the region, which provide gold and items when cleared.

All Dry Steppes Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

Dry Steppes has 22 permanent cellars littered throughout its nine areas. Some of the areas only contain one, while many of them have the small dungeons spread across wide swathes of land. Enemies, such as Drowned, huddle around some of the entrances, which can swarm you when you approach. Hopping into the cellar right away usually gets you out of combat if you want to avoid them.

All Quest Spawned Locations

The Dry Steppes also contains two quest cellars, which are mini-dungeons that spawn when triggered by a side quest. Once the quest is complete, they’ll disappear. You can see them in blue on your map, along with a quest marker.

  • Family Cellar: Located in the Dindai Flats and is part of the Firsthand Knowledge quest.
  • Lost Monument Crypt: Located in the Scarred Coast as part of the Malign Devotion quest.

All Cellar Locations in the Accursed Wastes

There are four areas to find and conquer in the Accursed Wastes of the Dry Steppes.

Abandoned Mineshaft

The Abandoned Mineshaft is located in the southwest area of the Accursed Wastes. If you’ve cleared Ruins of Qara-Yisu, that will be the closest waypoint to this cellar.

Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow is in the middle of the Ruins of Qara-Yisu and the Hidden Overlook waypoints. Since I hadn’t cleared the Stronghold yet for this guide, I traveled southwest from the Hidden Overlook. It’s just above the gray area on the map.

Desolate Vault

If you end up in the Saraan Caldera World Boss area, you’ve gone too far south. Head up the northwest path, then take your first right to reach the Desolate Vault.

Dusty Mineshaft

Much like the Dark Hollow Cellar, you can portal to either the Hidden Overlook or the Ruins of Qara-Yisu to reach this location. The entrance is directly west of the Desolate Vault when looking at the map. If you’re coming from the Hidden Overlook, head southwest. Go northeast from the Stronghold.

All Cellar Locations in the Chambatar Ridge

You’ll find two points of interest in Chambatar Ridge.

Rotting Pit

The Rotting Pit is mostly west and a wee bit south of the Fate’s Retreat waypoint. It’s located in a small, circular area near the border of the Khargai Crags.

Steamy Chasm

Steamy Chasm is in the southern portion of Chambatar Ridge. The quickest route to reach it is by portaling to Fate’s Retreat and then heading south, but you can also reach it by heading east from the Hidden Overlook. There’s no direct path to the Steamy Chasm, and there’s not a whole lot around it for map markers, so be on the lookout for the cellar’s signature orange glow.

All Cellar Locations in the Dindai Flats

As with the area before, you’ll find two locations in the Dindai Flats region.

Cannibals’ Foothold

Starting from the PvP area of Alzuuda, head east through the Fields of Hatred. Once you enter the Dindai Flats, go north to the small hooked path to find the Cannibal’s Foothold cellar.

Monk’s Retreat

Located opposite of Cannibals’ Foothold, Monk’s Retreat can be reached quickly by leaving Ked Bardu through the western exit and following the path to the Dindai Flats. Go south once you enter the area to find clusters of buildings and the cellar.

All Cellar Locations in the Jakha Basin

There’s only one mini-dungeon location to find in Jakha Basin.

Blood-Soaked Spence

The single cellar in the Jakha Basin is easily reached by portaling to the Hidden Overlook and then heading west. It’s surrounded by cannibals, but they shouldn’t bother you too much if you’re mounted.

All Cellar Locations in the Khargai Crags

Again, you’ll only find one point of interest in the Khargai Crags area of the Dry Steppes.

Decrepit Hive

The Decrepit Hive is the most eastern cellar in all of the Dry Steppes. Located in the middle of Farobru and Fate’s Retreat, you can take either to reach it. From Farobru, head southeast along the path until you can start going only east. From there, look for a short, dead-end path. From Fate’s Retreat, head northeast until you find the same path.

All Cellar Locations in the Kotama Grasslands

You’ll find four cellars in Kotama Grasslands.

Arid Tunnel

The Arid Tunnel is in one of the more southern areas of the Kotama Grasslands. Take the southern exit from Ked Baru, and continue southwest. You’ll find the tunnel on a small rise. If you end up in the area with a jump point, go a bit more west.

Briny Cavern

Briny Cavern is best reached after portaling to Ked Baru. It’s northwest of the city, lining up directly with the waypoint on the map. You can take either exit out of Ked Baru, this one is in the middle of the area.

Cutpurse’s Hoard

While this cellar is located in the Kotama Grassland’s, using the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold waypoint will get you to it faster than using the one in Ked Baru.

Fetid Pit

The Fetid Pit is located northwest of Farobru in the Arid Wastelands section of the map. You’ll find many maggots and flies here as you make your way to the entrance.

Grain Storage

Another small dungeon just a short distance from Farobru; the Grain Storage entrance is southwest of the waypoint.

All Cellar Locations in the Scarred Coast

There are three locations to find and plunder in the Scarred Coast.

Eroded Cave

This cellar is located near an enclosed pond. Head northwest from the eastern exit of Alzuuda toward the small pockets of water on the map. The Eroded Cave is right at the beginning of that map section.

Seaside Cavern

Seaside Cavern is quite a distance from any waypoint. The closest would be Alzuuda, taking the right path out of the Fields of Hatred into the Scarred Coast. Once in the area, head northeast toward the water, and follow the coast east until you come across the cellar.

Hinterlands Shelter

Unlike the Seaside Cavern, the Hinterlands Shelter is relatively close to the waypoint at Alzuuda. Take the left path from the Fields of Hatred into the Scarred Coast and continue northeast. At a four-way intersection, go to the left to find the dungeon.

All Cellar Locations in the Tusmaa Rift

We’re almost done, and there’s only one cellar to find in Tusmaa Rift.

Abahru Sinkhole

The Abahru Sinkhole is the only mini-dungeon in this small area. It’s best reached by starting at the Onyx Watchtower and heading northeast. It’s located closest to a series of jump/slide/duck points. You can also head southeast out of Ked Bardu if you haven’t cleared the Stonghold.

All Cellar Locations in the Untamed Scarps

The Untamed Scarps are home to the final four cellars in the Dry Steppes.

Barren Cave

This location is in the lightly colored red and white area of the Untamped Scarps, closest to the Jakha Basin border. The fastest way to get to the entrance is heading west from the Hidden Overlook.

Cannibals’ Hold

Cannibals’ Hold is east of the Temple of Rot Stronghold, which has no waypoint. You can start at Jirandi and head northeast from there. You can also go north from the city to the Stronghold, then head east to find the cellar.

Marauder’s Hideaway

Marauder’s Highway, unlike Cannibals’ Hold, is located quite close to Jirandi. Head east from the city to find it.

Sun-Bleached Excavation

The final cellar in the Untamed Scarps is located just off the path from Jirandi to the Jakha Basin area. If you hit the red and white area of the map, you’ve gone too far. Double back and head south to find a dead-end path with a rise and this at the end.

That’s where to find all 22 cellars in the Dry Steppes region of Sanctuary. You can check out our Diablo 4 guides hub for the other locations, as well as Stronghold Walkthroughs, class builds, and more.

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