Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Walkthrough Guide

Conquer the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold easily with this guide.

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The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold in Diablo 4 has been taken over by sneaky, thieving bandits. Filled to the brim with their shoddy construction and bloody mess, there’s only one who can bring them to their knees: you. That’s right, you! Head over to the Onyx Watchtower to clear it of the bandit infestation and earn some goodies while doing it.

How to Clear the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location

To find the Onyx Watchtower, head south out of Ked Bardu. It’s directly below the waypoint but you’ll have to go around to gain access. I came in from the southwest entrance and circled around the Stronghold inside to clear it out. With multiple entries, however is easiest for you to get there is the best route to take.

Once you scope it out, you’ll notice there are many points of interest for the Stronghold quest that pop up. These are the various bandit constructs that were erected when they took over. They’ve made themselves at home once they started ruling this area.

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The first part of the quest is to take out as many of these as possible, along with killing the bandits. The things you destroy can be a tent, support beam, supply wagon, and shack. The meter will fill each time to destroy one, but there’s no set number given as a goal. This Stronghold is really about combat and destruction. So let loose and have fun while trying not to die.

Along with destroy the bandits’ new home, you’ll need to take out the three lieutenants of the bandit leader, Captain Ezmin. They’re located in separate areas of the Stronghold and circled on your map. You don’t have to finish taking down bandit tents and wagons before dealing with these three. I ended up taking on the lieutenant’s in the order below while still clearing out the bandit constructs.

  1. Talida, Ezmin’s Lookout: Elite, Multishot, Mortar, Poison Enchanted
    • She’s located at the northwest most point of the Stronghold, near the entrance to the watchtower.
  2. Thidrek The Beast-Master, Ezmin’s Enforcer: Elite, Vampiric, Plaguebearer, Teleporter
    • He’s located in the center of the stronghold, surrounded by caged beasts. Be wary when fitting him, while destroying the cages counts towards the total destruction, the no longer caged animals will attack you. Creatures include:
      • Dreadful Grizzly Bear: Elite, Terrifying
      • Shivering Tusked Charger: Elite, Cold Enchanted
  3. Hargrin, Ezmin’s Quartermaster: Elite, Waller, Terrifying, Shadow Enchanted
    • Hargin’s located in the eastern part of the Stronghold, in the area that juts out a bit farther than the rest.
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When the lieutenant’s have been killed and the meter for destroying the camp is filled, you’ll be prompted to take out Captain Ezmin himself. He’s located back in the watchtower, which you would’ve found the bottom section previously inaccessible. Unlocked and open, head on in for the final showdown.

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Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Boss Fight

While Captain Ezmin is the Stronghold Boss, the fight is a fairly straightforward brawl. Boosting your fire resistance with an Elixir before the battle starts is a solid strategy since they can call for aid from Firebrands.

Captain Ezmin can go invisible, and often will, using their sneaky Rogue abilities to try and get an advantage. Keep track of their movements as best as possible to help negate some of that surprise effect. The main thing here is to keep healthy and just beat this bandit to a pulp.

Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Reclamation Rewards

Along with clearing bandit trash from the face of Sanctuary, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Renown
  • XP for quest completion
  • Gold for quest completion
  • Wayshrine teleport location
  • NPCs:
    • Blacksmith
    • Armor Vendor
    • Weapons
    • Healer
  • Altar of Lilith
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Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Dungeon: Onyx Hold

There’s a single dungeon that can be accessed once Onyx Watchtower is cleared. Located in the northern portion of the Stronghold, it’s actually pretty close to the Wayshrine.

  • Onyx Hold
    • Rewards the Sorcerer Aspect — Storm Swell Aspect: You deal 11%[x] increased damage to Vulnerable enemies while you have a Barrier.

That’s all you need to know about clearing the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold, and what you get out of it. For more on Strongholds throughout Sanctuary, or other quest walkthroughs, check out our Diablo 4 guides. We promise no bandits will steal your items while you browse. Probably.

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