Diablo 4: All Scosglen Cellar Locations

Looking to clear all cellars in Scosglen? Here are their exact locations.

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Cellars in Diablo 4 often reward loot, potions, and gold upon completion. Featuring a single room with a simple goal — usually to clear it of all enemies — these tiny dungeons are a fast farm method compared to delving other, more complicated labyrinths. With a number of locations in each region, each counting toward your renown for the area, clearing them mostly comes down to finding them. Here’s where to go in Scosglen.

The Precise Locations of All Cellars in Scosglen

Scosglen has a total of 23 permanent cellars, as well as three quest-related ones. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see an orange glow around their entrance, helping them to stand out from the surrounding environment.

All Quest Spawned Locations

Three cellars in Scosglen only spawn during certain quests. Once you complete the associated part of the mission, it will disappear from the map. If you’re looking for one of these, it will spawn in blue on your map, along with the quest marker.

  • Embered Recess in the Highland Wilds as part of the Pyre of Ash side quest.
  • Seared Hollow in the Highland Wilds as part of The Bear of Blackweald side quest.
  • Abandoned Smuggler’s Den in The Strand as part of the Ever Faithful side quest.

All Cellar Locations in the Deep Forest

There are three points of interest in Deep Forest, the region around Tur Dulra.

Fisherman’s Rest

Fisherman’s Rest is on the far right side of Deep Forest, along the border of Northshore. Fast travel to Tur Dulra for the quickest way there.

Lost Ritual Site

Located on the opposite side of Deep Forest, the Lost Ritual Site is southwest of Tur Dulra. It’s near the Dark Thicket area, though there’s not a whole lot else going on around it.

Webbed Lode Location

The Webbed Lode cellar is north and a wee bit west of the Lost Ritual Site. If you hit a Shrine, you’ve gone too far west. From the Shrine, go north, and you’ll see the the icon come up on your mini-map.

All Cellar Locations in The Downs

There are three places to find in The Downs, the region below Cerrigar.

Decrepit Cellar

You’ll find the Decrepit Cellar before the farmland to the east of Cerrigar. Going too far east, you’ll run into the Unique Rare Elite, Garbhan Ennai, The Butcher of Cerrigar. The entrance for this one will have a Shrine to its west, across the road.

Disturbed Arachnid Tunnels

Head straight south from the above location to find the Disturbed Arachnid Tunnels. It’s located in the southern portion of The Downs, known as the Scorched Orchard. It’s shaded a bit darker than the rest of the area.

Wretch’s Stow

To find the Wretch’s Stow quickly, you’re best bet is to portal to Under the Fat Goose Inn and head southwest. This location is in the southernmost portion, along the border of The Downs and Highland Wilds.

All Cellar Locations in the Emerald Chase

There’s only one cellar to find in the Emerald Chase. This is the Scosglen area is around Cerrigar itself.

Moldy Cavern

Take either the north or west exit out of the holy city to find the Moldy Cavern. It’s located on the western edge of The Emerald Chase, with a small bridge next to it leading to an event area.

All Cellar Locations in the Highland Wilds

There are three cellars total in the Highland Wilds.

Hillside Storage

Hillside Storage is south of the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint. When looking at the map, it’s the area above the Maddux Watch dungeon.

Nefarious Hollow

To find this mini-dungeon, head all the way to the eastern portion of the Highland Wilds area. Nefarious Hollow is halfway through the bottom section of the map.

Remote Shelter

The Remote Shelter is west of an Altar of Lilith, near the border of The Shrouded Moors and the Highland Wilds. Situated between the two paths into the Shrouded Moors, you’ll find it closest to the right path.

All Cellar Locations in Northshore

Three cellars are located in the watery area of Scosglen’s Northshore.

Forgotten Shack

The Forgotten Shack is southwest of the Marowen waypoint. If you’ve found the Altar of Lilith in this area, the point of interest is almost directly west of it.

Rotting Outhouse

While the Forgotten Shack is southwest of Marowen, the Rotting Outhouse is northeast of the waypoint. Located on an elevated area of the map, the outcroppings almost look like a heart.

Watery Sinkhole

The Watery Sinkhole is just northwest of the Sunken Ruins dungeon. Head to the eastern part of Northshore, but not quite all the way to the edge, to find it.

All Cellar Locations in the Shrouded Moors

Two cellars call the Shrouded Moors home. Both of them are located along the southern edge of the area, avoiding the blood-corrupted inner section of the moors.

Infested Pit

Fast travel to Tirmair and head east. You don’t want to start going south too far since you’ll end up in the Highland Wilds. Your aim is to get on the bottom path that edges the moors. The first one you’ll hit will be the Infested Pit.

Overgrown Outpost

If you keep going along the bottom path of the Shrouded Moors, heading east from Tirmair, you’ll dead end at the Overgrown Outpost. It’s located at the hooked end of the road.

All Cellar Locations in The Strand

The Strand has the most cellars, boasting four.

Ancient Grave

You can reach the Ancient Grave by fast traveling to either Cerrigar or Corbach. I personally went to Cerrigar, hit the Decrepit Cellar on the way up, and then traveled east to get to the Ancient Grave. However, it appears both locations are equidistant from the crypt.

Drowned Burrow

Head all the way east in Strand to get to the Drowned Burrow. Once you hit the beach, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Theis one is directly below the small pond of water on the map.

Garan Undercroft

Portal to Corbach and go directly east to find Garan Undercroft. It’s just outside of the city limits.

Scorched Cellar

If you’re looking for the Scorched Cellar, travel to Corbach. Head out the north exit, then go west. What you’re looking for is right past the bridge that takes you to the Wailing Hills area of Scosglen.

All Cellar Locations in the Wailing Hills

You’ll only have to clear two cellars in Scosglen’s Wailing Hills.

Abandoned Cottage

The Abandoned Cottage is to the east of the area, near the water’s edge. You’ll find it almost directly south of the Vault of the Forsaken dungeon.

Infested Basement

Braestaig is where you want to start if you’re trying to get to the Infested Basement. Take the west exit, then go directly south instead of heading into The Emerald Chase. Travel east until you can head south again. The cellar is to the left of that area.

All Cellar Locations in the Westering Lowlands

The Westering Lowlands, which horseshoes Firebreak Manor, has two cellars to clear.

Meat Locker

The Meat Locker is in the northernmost part of the Westering Lowlands. There are a couple of different ways to reach it, either heading north from the manor, south from Tur Dulra, or northwest from Cerrigar. I went from Firebreak Manor as I wound my way past Smuggler’s Underpass before heading up to the Meat Locker.

Smuggler’s Underpass

Smuggler’s Underpass is west of Firebreak Manor, in the first chunk of land. You don’t need to cross any bridges to get to it, so if you’ve traveled over one, you want to turn around.

Those are all the cellar locations for the Scosglen region in Diablo 4. For more walkthroughs like this, as well as boss tips and Stronghold locations, check out our D4 guides hub.

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