Diablo 4: Best Dungeons to Farm XP

Our Diablo 4 best dungeons to farm XP guide takes a look at viable options for those who want to level up.

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Diablo 4 dungeon farms are a late-game activity that you’re bound to go through as you progress further in the game. Well past the campaign, you’ll need to push through the grind if you want to earn more Paragon Points and legendaries. Our Diablo 4 best dungeons to farm XP guide takes a look at viable options for those who want to level up.

The Best Dungeons to Farm XP in Diablo 4

  • Demon’s Wake
  • Mariner’s Refuge
  • Sirocco Caverns
  • Blind Burrows
  • Ruins of Eridu
  • Iron Hold

Diablo 4 XP Farming: Dungeon Nerfs

Before getting into more detail about the best dungeons to farm XP in Diablo 4, it’s worth mentioning that Blizzard has repeatedly nerfed spawns in many locations via hotfixes and patches. The latest notes the following:

Further adjustments to elite monster density in dungeons.

Developer Note: We are standardizing the density of elite monsters that spawn in dungeons to ensure that no particular dungeon is clearly more efficient to run through than others.

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That means many dungeons will no longer spawn entire packs of elites, which previously made for efficient XP and legendary farming runs. Some were hit pretty hard, such as Maugan’s Works and Champion’s Demise (which used to be the number one destination for parties that wanted to earn as much XP as possible).

Still, a select few remain viable. As such, I’ve listed down some of the dungeons that I’ve used for farming. I’ve mostly prioritized those with smaller, cramped areas and high mob density. That leads to more enemies being killed by AoE attacks since there’s very little room to maneuver.

Lastly, if you’re new to farming runs, bear in mind that you only need to clear elites and larger groups of hostiles. You don’t need to kill the boss at the end. Once you’re finished clearing, you can leave the dungeon and exit back to the character selection screen to reset it.

Best Diablo 4 Dungeons to Farm in the North (Scosglen)

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Demon’s Wake
  • Location: Scosglen — Westering Lowlands.
  • Enemies: You’ll mostly battle several Fallen and demons. The location is decent for farming runs owing to relatively weaker mobs and the sheer density in cramped quarters. Just watch out for elite affixes (i.e., explosions, trails of fire, or frost bombs), given that there are many rooms here, and you don’t want to get stuck with no means of escaping.
Mariner’s Refuge
  • Location: Scosglen — Strand.
  • Enemies: Compared to Demon’s Wake, this one has tougher Drowned hostiles, including those with deadly AoE wave attacks. The initial goal to destroy Seaborn Goddess Statues also causes elites to spawn. This makes it one of the best dungeons to farm XP in Diablo 4.

Best Diablo 4 Dungeon Farms in the South (Kehjistan and Hawezar)

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Sirocco Caverns
  • Location: Kehjistan — Scouring Sands.
  • Enemies: This cavern with narrow tunnels has plenty of Spider Hosts and Skitterers. A quick run is doable due to the relatively simple layout. However, you do need to be mindful of poison effects, which almost every type of foe has in its arsenal.
Blind Burrows
  • Location: Hawezar — Fethis Wetlands.
  • Enemies: Speaking of spiders, this place has a lot of these, too. As usual, you’ll want to avoid poison globules and pools unless you already have high resistance.
Ruins of Eridu
  • Location: Hawezar — Toxic Fens.
  • Enemies: You’ll be up against Fallen and various Zombies. The initial objective to kill all enemies in the first area might also cause elites to spawn. The simple layout also leads to a fast clear. You can learn more in our Ruins of Eridu guide.
Iron Hold
  • Location: Hawezar — Ruins of Rakhat Keep.
  • Enemies: The Iron Hold has a lot of Specters and Dark Spirit mobs. I’m including it in our guide as an honorable mention since it’s one of my favorite locations. Although it doesn’t give a lot of XP compared to the others cited above, you can still do quick runs to obtain legendaries. That’s because it’s possible to beeline for the Specter Warden’s key, then head to the next area to take out the elite packs.

And that’s it. That’s everything you need to know about the best dungeons to farm XP in Diablo 4. There might be more that get discovered in due time, or at least until Blizzard decides to increase spawn rates again. In any case, for more tips, walkthroughs, and strategies, our Diablo 4 tips hub has you covered.

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