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Diablo 4: Hope’s Light Stronghold Guide

Our guide details how you can complete the Hope's Light Stronghold in Diablo 4.

The Diablo 4 Hope’s Light Stronghold can be found in Scosglen. This lighthouse was once a beacon to seafarers. Now, it’s the resting place of those who have been damned to a watery grave. Our guide details how you can complete the Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4.

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How to Complete the Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4

Hope’s Light Stronghold Location

The Diablo 4 Hope’s Light Stronghold is in the northern portion of Scosglen. It’s generally impossible to miss as you’re exploring, as it’s the northernmost point of the entire world map.

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Stronghold Challenge: Find a Way to the Lighthouse

The Diablo 4 Hope’s Light Stronghold tasks you with reaching the lighthouse. To do this, you’ll want to traverse each small island, hopping until you reach a spot near the center. There, you’ll notice a winch that you can interact with. This will cause several Bloated, Deckhand, and Drowned mobs to spawn.

In the next area, there’s another ship, but the winch is missing. You’ll have to go to the island to the south. The winch is in the far corner.

Diablo 4 Hope’s Light Stronghold Boss, Rewards, and Unlocks

Upon arriving at the lighthouse itself, you’ll battle the Diablo 4 Hope’s Light boss, Tidewitch Negana. Your foe’s abilities are fairly straightforward. They have a ground burst attack that hits the front, as well as a Water Pool ability, which you’ll want to watch out for. You’ll notice several pools appearing around her and, after a few seconds, these will burst and cause tremendous damage.

As a Necro main, I didn’t have a lot of trouble with this fight. However, because I had no control over the positioning of my undead minions, some of them did get annihilated since they couldn’t move away from the pools. In any case, after defeating the boss, you can interact with the Wanderer’s Shrine to clear this area completely. This is the only unlock you’ll get:

  • Flooded Depths: Aspect of the Empowering Reaper (Necromancer) – Critical strikes from Sever have a 10% chance to spawn a pool of Blight that deals 20% bonus damage; can only happen once every three seconds.
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That does it for the Hope’s Light challenge in the game. Don’t forget that there are other corrupted places that await, and you can learn about these locations in our Stronghold locations guide. Likewise, for other tips and strategies, head over to our D4 guides page.

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