Diablo 4: How to Find and Beat the Butcher

Our Diablo 4 Butcher guide tell you where to find this foe, and how you can reliably defeat it.

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The Diablo 4 Butcher is a very deadly foe, especially if it catches you by surprise. With its tanky defenses and rapid attacks, it can easily make short work of you. Our Diablo 4 Butcher guide discusses where you can find this foe and how you can reliably defeat it.

Diablo 4 Butcher Boss Guide

Where to Find the Butcher Spawn

The Diablo 4 Butcher boss can randomly spawn in Dungeons after you’ve completed the campaign. This is regardless of your character’s level, world tier, or even the Dungeon itself.

In my case, I first encountered the Butcher while I was doing the Flooded Depths Dungeon in Scosglen. This location only appears after clearing the Hope’s Light Stronghold. It had an Aspect reward that I wanted, so I delved right into it. Imagine my surprise when I heard that familiar growl of “Fresh meat!” just as I rounded a corner.

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How to Beat the Butcher Boss Fight

Given that the Diablo 4 Butcher boss fight happens randomly, there’s a good chance that you’re unprepared for it. There are situations where your best skills are on cooldown or you’ve already used up most of your potions. And, naturally, if you’ve beaten the campaign and you’re still undergeared, that can pose a few problems, too.

Diablo 4 Butcher Abilities

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As far as the Butcher’s abilities go, there are some things you’ll want to watch out for:

  • Ultra Aggro: What surprised me the most when I fought the Butcher was his extreme aggression. Since I’m maining a Necro, it perplexed me when he just ignored all my minions, making a beeline for my character.
  • Rapid Melee Strikes: The Butcher will perform non-stop cleaves and slashes whenever he’s in melee range. As such, the idea is to keep your distance, striking only when you’re able to dodge, pop a potion, or activate a defensive skill on quick notice.
  • Bull Rush: The Butcher will attempt to rush toward your location, bulldozing everything in its path.
  • Monstrous Roar: When this is cast, it will slow down your movement speed temporarily.
  • Meat Hook: If you’re too far away, it will attempt to pull you using its trademark hook ability. As a Necro, I laughed a few times when it kept hooking my skeletal minions.

In any case, keep your distance, dodge, attack with extreme patience, and keep defensive skills on the ready, and you’ll come out victorious.

That’s how you to find and beat the Diablo 4 Butcher boss. For more gameplay mechanics and quests, our Diablo 4 tips hub has you covered.

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