How to Get All Diablo 4 Season 1 Legendary Aspects (Patch 1.1.0)

Here's how to get all of the Season 1 Legendary Aspects added to Diablo 4 with Patch 1.1.0.

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New Legendary Aspects have been added in Diablo 4 with Patch 1.1.0, which updates the game for Season 1. There are two general versions available to all classes and five that are class-specific. They provide new bonuses for your build based on achieving certain criteria, such as improving movement speed against Chilled enemies or giving you free casts after spending a certain amount of Mana. Here’s how to get all Diablo 4 Season 1 Legendary Aspects.

How to Get All 7 Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 Season 1

Unlike the new Unique Items that can only be found in World Tier 4, all of these Diablo 4 Season 1 Legendary Aspects can be obtained in any world tier. There’s no associated Dungeon or Codex of Power for them, so you’ll need to find Legendary Items (LI) and extract the Aspect from them at the Occultist. For the class-specific versions, you’ll need to find a class-specific LI. They’re available in both the Eternal and Seasonal Realms.

Each of the class-specific Legendary Aspects can be obtained as a reward for finishing Chapter 1 of the Season Journey. Audacity can be gained by completing the end-game-focused Champion chapter, while Craven requires Slayer to be completed.

General Legendary Aspects

  • Audacity (Utility): When there are at least 5 Close enemies, Stun them for 2-4 seconds. This can only occur once every 20 seconds.
  • Craven (Mobility): You gain 20-40% increased Movement Speed when moving away from Slowed or Chilled enemies.

Barbarian Legendary Aspect

  • Ancestral Charge (Offensive): Charge calls forth 4 Ancients who also Charge, dealing 50-100% of normal damage.

Druid Legendary Aspect

  • Subterranean (Offensive): Poison Creeper’s active also casts Landslide in a circle around you. Earth Skills deal 10-20% increased damage to Poisoned enemies.

Necromancer Legendary Aspect

  • Gore Quills (Offensive): Blood Lance will consume Blood Orbs to also conjure lances from them. Each additional Blood Lance deals 20-50% of normal damage and prioritizes targeting un-lanced enemies.

Rogue Legendary Aspect

  • Pestilent Points (Offensive): Every third cast of Puncture is Poison Imbued with 100-150% of normal potency.

Sorcerer Legendary Aspect

  • Searing Wards (Offensive): After spending 200-100 Mana, your next Firewall is free to cast and will destroy incoming Small Missiles.

That’s how to get all Diablo 4 Season 1 Legendary Aspects and what they do. For more, head over to our Diablo 4 guides page, where we have Stronghold walkthroughs, build tips, item locations, and much more.

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