Diablo 4: Nostrava Stronghold Guide

Our guide details how you can complete the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4.

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The Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold can be found in the Fractured Peaks. This once-peaceful village has been corrupted by demonic forces, and it’s up to you to reclaim the lands. Our guide details how you can complete the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4.

How to Complete the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4

Nostrava Stronghold Location

The Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold is in the western portion of the Fractured Peaks. This region is where you’ll start your journey during the game’s first act. However, I suggest leveling and gearing up further before heading to this village. That’s because enemies are level 25, minimum, and, past that point, they’ll always be two levels above your character.

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Stronghold Challenge: Destroy the Demonic Effigies

Upon arriving in the Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold, you’ll notice that all the houses are boarded up. Make your way to the eastern side and enter the church. Inside, a Succubus named Negala will taunt you, causing the remaining villagers to turn hostile.

After eliminating your foes, go down the sloping path. The first house you spot has a crawlspace that leads to an Altar of Lilith. This gives +2 Intelligence to all characters that you create.

Likewise, you’ll notice Demonic Effigies in these houses. They’ll be marked on your map, so it’s up to you to destroy them. Along the way, you’ll be assaulted by all manner of demons, including Threshers and Oppressors.

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Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold Boss, Rewards, and Unlocks

After destroying all the Demonic Effigies, return to the yard in front of the church. You’ll come across Negala once more. But, she’s not alone. Two other Succubi, Torvala and Kozira, will also spawn. While they mostly just teleport around, you’ll want to beware of additional hellish fiends that appear, including fire-breathing Balrogs.

Once you’ve eliminated all the hostiles, you’ll be able to rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine. This will complete the Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold challenge. Here’s what you’ll unlock:

  • Cultist Refuge dungeon: Flamewalker’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Coming in contact with your Firewall grants +15% movement speed for four seconds.
  • Healer NPC
  • Stablemaster NPC
  • Weapons vendor
  • Blacksmith NPC
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That does it for the Nostrava challenge in the game. Don’t forget that there are other corrupted places that await, and you can learn about these locations in our Stronghold locations guide. Likewise, for other tips and strategies, head over to our D4 guides page.

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