Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide
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Diablo 4: Vyeresz Stronghold Walkthrough Guide

Here's how to complete the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4.

Vyeresz village is filled to the brim with cult members, and you’ll have to face all of them to conquer the Vyeresz Stronhold in Diablo 4. The Stronghold is found in the mid- to late-game and is recommended for Level 40+ players. Clearing it will unlock a new Waypoint and more, so it’s worth slashing through the enemies that stand in your way. Our guide tells you how to conquer Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4.

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How to Clear the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold Location

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide map location
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The Vyeresz Stronghold is located in southern Hawezar, east of the Zarbinzet Waypoint, and South of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint in the Toxic Fens region. I suggest using The Ruins of Rakhat Waypoint for fast travel if you have it unlocked since it’s the closest to the region. You can pin the location of the Stronghold on your map to see a path toward it on your mini-map.

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide Serpent's Eye Shrine
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Once you enter the Stronghold, you’ll face off with a few cult members and make your way toward the center of the initial area. You’ll then need to destroy three Serpent’s Eye Pedestals to proceed to the boss region and take down the Serpent God, Dianthus. 

Where to Find the Vyeresz Stronghold Serpent’s Eye Pedestals

You’ll find your first Serpent’s Eye Pedestal directly across from the Serpent’s Eye Door, and you’ll need to interact with it to destroy it. Next, you’ll need to find and destroy the remaining two Pedestals. If you come across a different one first, don’t worry: I can confirm from my playthrough that it doesn’t matter what order they’re destroyed in.

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide Serpent's Eyes Pedestal Locations
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The remaining two Pedestals are in straw huts found throughout Vyeresz. One is directly northwest of the Serepent’s Eye Door, and the other is directly east of it. I’ve marked their locations on the map above. I definitely had some close calls fighting my way through the hordes of Cultists, Serpents, and Longfangs, so tread wisely and watch out for ambushes.

Once you’ve destroyed all three Pedestals, head back to the Serpent’s Eye Door and interact with it. A 50-second timer will start, initiating an onslaught of Cultist and Longfang attacks that you’ll need to survive until the door finally opens. 

After the timer is done, you can proceed through the door’s entrance. There will be some more enemies you can either fight or run past toward the final boss area. You’ll come across a healing well, a good sign that a tough fight is ahead of you.

How to Defeat Serpent God Dianthus in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide Dianthus fight
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Dianthus will summon a few small Serpents for you to take out throughout the fight, but that’s not what made me sweat in this boss encounter. The giant Nagari Longclaw Serpent will challenge you with a lunging stun attack, where its fangs will pack a punch, so be sure to dodge it. 

The Serpent God will spit out pools of blood that deplete your health, which are relatively easy to avoid if you’re quick on your feet. Lastly, there’s a venomous projectile attack that will extend out in a spiral pattern from Dianthus. Avoid these attacks and deal damage while you can, keeping your dodge button ready. 

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide Wanderer's Shrine, Altar of Lilith location
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Once you’ve defeated Dianthus, you’ll need to “Rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine” to finally conquer the Stronghold. But make sure to get the Altar of Lilith located directly southwest of Dianthus’ location. You’ll have to pass through a transversal point to get there. 

Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold guide Wanderer's Shrine location
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When you’re ready to go to the Wanderer’s Shrine, head back to the main area where you opened the Serepent’s Eye Door. Across from it, you’ll see a stone archway to interact with. This will complete the Stronghold. Your rewards for conquering Vyeresz Stronghold are 120 Hawezar Renown, the Vyeresz village Waypoint, and access to the Shadowed Plunge dungeon. 

That’s all there is to know about the Vyeresz Stronghold Stronghold in Diablo 4. For additional Stronghold walkthroughs and more, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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