Diablo 4: Where to Find Blind Burrows Dungeon

Here's where to find the Blind Burrows Dungeon and how to clear it in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Blind Burrows entrance guide
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The Blind Burrows Dungeon is a spider-infested dungeon located in the Hawezar Region of Diablo 4. You’ll want to complete this dungeon for the Aspect it rewards, though, especially if you’re playing the Druid class. If you’re maining another class, it does provide some gold and XP. Our guide tells you where to find the Blind Burrows Dungeon Diablo 4. Beware that if you don’t like spiders, steer clear of this dungeon.

Blind Burrows Dungeon Location in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Blind Burrows map location
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The Blind Burrows Dungeon is located in the western region of Hawezar, nestled in the center of Zarbinzet, Vyeresz, and the Ruins of Rakhat. The entrance is in the Diseased Embankment, where you’ll come across Putrid Remains, Corpsefiends, and Toxic Lurkers. Blind Burrows is recommended for Level 40+, so it’s considered a mid to late-game dungeon.

How to Complete the Blind Burrows Dungeon in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Blind Burrows Infested Villagers and Broodguard boss map locations
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To complete the Blind Burrows Dungeon, you’ll first need to slay three Infested Villagers. One is in the eastern corner, one in the southern corner, and the last in the northwest central corner. After you’ve defeated all three, the area to the final boss will be accessible. Beware of a Butcher that you’ll come across in the center of the dungeon; I can attest that he could definitely give you a tough time — I know I struggle with that fight.

You’ll find the final Broodguard boss in the top northeast corner of the Blind Burrows Dungeon. The giant Spider will spit AoE Venom that you’ll need to avoid, as well as some immobilizing web attacks. The standard melee is also, of course, something to steer clear of.

Completing the Blind Burrows dungeon will reward the Aspect of the Tempest, as well as some gold and XP tailored to your level. The Aspect of the Tempest is a Druid Offensive Aspect with the Hurricane Damage effect, increasing by 7% each second while it’s active.

And that’s where to find and how to complete the Blind Burrows Dungeon in Diablo 4. For additional tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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