This nifty guide covers all of the Flank Guard's subclass tanks and tips on using them effectively. tank class guide – The Flank Guard and its subclasses

This nifty guide covers all of the Flank Guard's subclass tanks and tips on using them effectively.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

How many tank classes are there in now? I’d give a direct number, but there seem to be new classes added all the time — often totally unique from what’s been released before.

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The Flank Guard is one of the level 15 classes that new players overlook because it doesn’t look strong, but it leads to some of the most powerful classes in the game. But the Flank Guard itself doesn’t have all that much different from the default Tank aside from the barrel pointed at its back.

This overview guide will cover the Flank Guard and its subclasses, of which there are a total of eight. It shares two level 30 classes with the level 15 class Twin.

  • Tri-Angle (level 30)
    • Fighter (level 45)
    • Booster (level 45)
  • Quad Tank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
  • Twin Flank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
    • Triple Twin (level 45)

Leveling the Flank Guard from 15 to 30 isn’t all that different from leveling a Tank from 1 to 30 (but I’m not sure why you would do this) because its base stats are relatively even, making it well-rounded even with the short barrel on its back.

It’s generally easier to level a Twin than a Flank Guard because of the Twin’s firepower, meaning if you want to go for either Twin Flank (Triple Twin or Octo Tank at 45) or Quad Tank (Octo Tank at 45), it will take less time to level with the Twin.

If you want the Tri-Angle and its powerful level 45 classes the Booster or the Fighter, you have to go with Flank Guard.

Twin Flank (level 30)

The Twin Flank’s power lies in its double barrels on either side, which makes it more formidable an opponent than most people seem to realize. Everyone has tried to chase down one of these tanks before, only to give up because of the double-barrel firing right in their face.

This may not be the most obviously powerful tank in the game, but it’s one to be aware of — and if you’re playing one, you need to make good use of that focus firing on both ends to not only farm efficiently, but deter other players from messing with you.

Triple Twin (level 45)

The Triple Twin doesn’t get the respect the Octo Tank does, but it can easily beat one in a duel if you know how to play one well.

The Triple Twin has three sets of double-barrels sticking out of its body, not only making it a great farming class but also relatively safe. It’s easy to overwhelm other tanks using this one’s six barrels, but your defenses are easier to penetrate than the Octo’s because you have two less barrels.

This is a purely offensive class, and as such it doesn’t have much default health. Use your front two barrels for offense, the second two for defense and farming, and be sure to invest some stat points in Movement Speed, Health, and Health Regeneration to stay safe.

Quad Tank (level 30)

To Twin Flank or Quad Tank your way to the Octo Tank, that is the question! And the answer is: Whichever way you want to.

The Quad Tank is the more conventional lead up to the Octo Tank as both classes pretty much play the same, but the Quad only has four barrels instead of the Octo’s eight.

The Quad Tank is relatively weak and can easily be picked on by any class that specializes in focus firing. If the server you’re on is absolutely packed and you really want to get to Octo Tank, you may be better off going Twin Flank instead of Quad for the extra survivability. That said, Quad does farm very quickly.

Octo Tank (level 45)

Is this the most popular class? It just might be, and for good reason. The Octo Tank is hard for new players and a handful of classes to deal with thanks to its eight simultaneously-shooting barrels.

The Octo Tank is purely offensive and does not deal well with classes that can focus it down despite its bullet spray. This means classes like the Triplet, Gunner, and much of the Sniper tree (outside of Manager, Overseer, Overlord, and Necromancer) can take it out easier than other classes.

Luckily most people aren’t very good nor do they build specifically to deal with Octo Tanks, so spin to win! Spinning is generally your way to success as the Octo and it does a great job of clearing out everything.

This is bar none the best farming class and can rank up score like it’s nobody’s business. Absolutely put stat points in Bullet Penetration.

Tri-Angle (level 30)

You thought some other level 30 class was fast? You’ve got another thing coming once you try the Tri-Angle. The Tri-Angle was‘s first “fast” class and fittingly it splits into two similarly speedy tanks.

Recoil affects nearly every tank, often negatively when they’re trying to chase down another player. Not so with the Tri-Angle–the two barrels on the back shoot at the same time as the one at the front, which pushes the tank forward when shooting instead of backwards. This means you can easily reach high speeds without investing too many points into Movement Speed.

Bullets that come out the back do less damage and have less speed than the ones that come out of the main one at the front. Use your fast movement to your advantage as this class’s biggest strength is its ability to dodge.

Booster (level 45)

The level 45 “speedy” class, the Booster takes the strengths of the Tri-Angle and amplifies them. This is a very fast tank, with four barrels at its back and one at the front recoil is your best friend.

It’s easy to dodge enemy bullets using the Booster and to get in close to weak tanks, but be careful of classes that spam bullets (which seem to be what most people choose).

The Booster is not a durable class and will take more damage than is worth it when facing a wave of bullets. It’s best to use that speed to get out of there than it is to stay and fight — this is the most mobile tank in the game and you have to use that to your advantage.

It’s highly recommended you put some points into Health and Health Regen so you don’t explode a couple seconds into your first real fight.

Fighter (level 45)

The yin to the Booster’s yang, the Fighter is slightly more durable than the Booster but isn’t as fast, mostly thanks to its barrel placement with two on either side, two at the back, and one at the front.

Actually playing the Fighter well requires you to put some points into offensive stats and take it easy on the defensive ones like Health. True to its name, this tank was built for 1-on-1 fights and can stand against most other classes easily.

You can spam with the Fighter much like the Octo Tank by spinning around, but you can be a much bigger terror by actively hunting down other players, dodging their bullets thanks to your barrel-propelled movement, and shooting through their rounds with your high base penetration that you ideally will supplement with stat points in Bullet Penetration.

These are the current Twin Flank subclasses currently in, but there are sure to be more to come as the developer adds more and more each month. This article will be updated with the new classes, but for now this is what we have and it’s still quite the roster!

If you enjoyed this guide, check out my Twin tank guide and my Sniper tank guide. Happy shooting!

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