DiRT 4 Trophy Guide

49 trophies are waiting to be unlocked in DiRT 4. Here's how to get them all.

49 trophies are waiting to be unlocked in DiRT 4. Here's how to get them all.

While blazing your own trail with dozens of different vehicle types, there are 49 separate trophies/achievements to unlock across DiRT 4‘svarious game modes.

Many of these trophies and achievements simply require going through Career Mode to unlock new licenses, completing Academy lessons, playing stages with specific settings, or buying cars.

A few, however, are a bit trickier, so below, we’ve included tips on how to easily get some of the more difficult trophies to pop without a ton of trial and error work.

Complete DiRT 4 Trophy and Achievement List

Thanks For Coming

Complete the welcome event. That was simple! This is your “you bought the game” freebie achievement.


…Now Watch This Drive

Complete all of the Advanced Driving Techniques at the DiRT Academy. Another easy one — just hit the Academy and learn how to play!


The Nightman Cometh

Win a Stage at night.


Limp Home

Finish three sectors of a Stage with a flat tyre.


International Rally R-3

Earned the International Rally R-3 license.


International Rally R-1

Earned the International Rally R-1 license.


International Rally H-C

Earned the International Rally H-C license.


International Rally H-A

Earned the International Rally H-A license.


National Stadium Pro-3

Earned the National Stadium Pro-3 license.


National Stadium Pro-1

Earned the National Stadium Pro-1 license.


International Off Road C-3

Earned the International Off-Road C-3 license


International Off Road C-1

Earned the International Off-Road C-1 license.


A Bonafide Underdog Story

Get an overall win in the lowest eligible Vehicle Class in a Rally Event in Career.


First On The Grid

Qualify in the top spot in a Rallycross Event in Career.



Qualify for an A-Final in a Landrush Event in Career.


First You Have To Finish

Finish in first place in a Career Event.


Global Superstar

Win the Global Rally Series.


Rubbing, Son, Is Racing

Win the FIA World Rallycross Championship.


It’s All Terrain, Dummy

Win the Landrush World Series.


Obsolete Models A Specialty

Win the Historic Legends Series.


New R-Evolution

Own a vehicle equipped with all Grade A parts.


Tooled Up

Upgrade three Facilities to Grade A quality.



Win your class in a multi-class Event in Career.


Never Raced Or Rallied

Buy a vehicle from the Classifieds.


Make The Dream Work

Hire a fourth Engineer onto your Team.


Be Brave

Complete a Stage or race with the Fearless Preset active.



Earned the Fearless Bonus in a Stage or race.


I Am The 6.0%

Win a Stage in Headcam.


Real Turbulent Juice

Cleanly land a jump longer than 65m. Finally, one that actually takes a little effort! This one’s easy to get in Rally Mode of the Academy with something basic like the Ford Fiesta R2.

In the DirtFish Washington, USA map, drive backward along the side of the wood building with red roof to give yourself plenty of space to hit top speed, then go forward past the cones until you hit the short dirt mound and the achievement should pop when you land. 

  Hitting a jump for 65m

Cleaned Up Nicely

Complete a clean Stage or race.


This Is Fine

Triumph in the face of adversity. To get this trophy, complete a stage while any part of your vehicle is displaying the Critical Damage indicator.

A simple way to get this if you don’t get it organically is to increase the suspension on your car to maximum and then reduce the ride height to minimum. While driving on any map with lots of jumps, you’ll break the suspension and can limp your way to the end to get the achievement.


Monday’s Be Like

Get a bad case of the Mondays. For this trophy, play any Community Event or Free Roam mode on a Monday and then total the car by crashing it into various obstacles.


Chapter And Verse

Set a time in every challenge in a single Joyride Chapter.


Always Believe

Achieve 10 Gold medals in Joyride.



Set a Gold medal time in a Time Attack challenge without hitting a penalty marker.


Kenneth? What’s The Frequency?

Destroy 100 blocks in 60 seconds in Joyride. Head over to Mini Mayhem Challenge 2 or Joyride Of Champions Challenge 3 and just hit as many blocks as possible. There’s no real secret here other than learning the map and shaving a few seconds off your time each drive until you hit 60 seconds.


The Day Today

Finish in the Second Tier or higher in a Daily in Community Events.


Delta Force

Finish in the Top Tier of a Delta Daily in Community Events.


Flavour Of The Week

Complete back to back Weekly Community Events.


DiRTY Dozen

Complete all 12 Stages of a Monthly Event in Community Events.


Taps Aff

Finish a Stage in sunny conditions in Community Events.



Complete an Event in Jam Session.


Up And Up

Get promoted to a new Tier in Pro Tour.



Complete 25 Events in Pro Tour.


Little Help?

Call in the Chief Engineer’s recommendations during a Service Interval.


Double Yolker

Take two Joker Laps and win a Rallycross race.



Repair your car on Stage and win the Stage.


Completed It Mate  

Win the Triple Crown. This is the game’s only “secret” achievement.



Get all other trophies. If you’ve followed the instructions above, this one will pop in no time!


More DiRT 4 Walkthrough Help

Those are all the DiRT 4 trophies across the entire game! When you’re finished nabbing those, be sure to take a look at our other DiRT 4 guides:

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