Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Mission 3 Bank Heist Walkthrough

A good old fashioned noir bank job awaits you in the third mission of this Dishonored finale!
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It’s Oceans 11 in a magical steampunk world as the third mission of Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider tasks you with robbing a bank to find a sword capable of killing that one particular god-like being.

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Obviously, there are multiple routes to tackle each mission, whether you want to cause chaos and kill everyone or be the stealthy whisper on the wind who is never seen. Below, we cover one straightforward stealth route to reach the end of the bank job and get to the fourth mission.

Along the way, you can pick up the Twin Bladed Knife, Obsessive Safe Cracker, Big Time Player, The Perfect Crime, and Party Crasher achievements/trophies.

Let’s sneak in and get to work. 

 Planning the bank heist route

Death Of The Outsider Mission 3 Guide

This level immediately starts off in hostile territory, so either get ready for maximum chaos, killing anyone you come across, or Displace your way to the awning near the people standing in the street so you can move across the area without being seen.

From the awnings, you can move to the rooftops, using the metal poles as mid-way points to reach any given building or open window. Travel across the ledges and lamps to the second story of the building where Teresia Ciengeugos is standing (it’s next to the building with the big whale painted on the side). Teresia will tell you about the auction, which is helpful for using stealth to get into the bank.

 Learning about the auction

Winning The Auction

Across the way from Teresia’s apartment, you can find the auction, but they won’t let you in with how you are currently dressed. Knock out one of the rich guests milling around the area (there’s one next to a large stone object covered in cloth that is out of sight) to get inside.

Use your Semblance power to steal his face and quickly head into the auction so you don’t run out of mana before the bidding ends. If you have 400 coins on hand, then sit in a chair to win the auction and unlock the Big Time Player achievement/trophy.

If you take the time to win the auction, you get the poppy tincture, which can be used to knock out all the employees in the bank by pouring it down the ventilation system from the roof. If you are trying not to ever be seen, make sure to hide the guest’s unconscious body somewhere (like up on a roof or awning) as you leave the auction area.

 Using Semblance on an auction guest

Breaking Into The Bank

At this point, there are three different ways to get into the bank — the rooftop, the sewers, or the trash disposal. We’re going to go the rooftop route for maximum achievements/trophies, so first, grab the access wrench in the back alley by the bank (where a big burly guy is painting the wall).

Now head over toward the front of the bank and use the wrench and a full canister of whale oil to rise up to the roof on the painter’s lift. 

Displace across to the roof of the bank, sneak past the guards, and use the poppy tincture in the air duct. This makes the bank heist much simpler because only the clockwork soldiers will still be patrolling and everyone else in the building will be asleep.

The door that leads into the bank is right next to the air duct, so head inside and then down the stairs to enter the bank and start looking for the vault.

 The painter’s lift

Robbing The Vault

From here, how you go about robbing the vault is up to you, deciding on stealth or frenzied combat. Just follow the map markers and it’s not too tough.

The area is quite large, and there are a ton of notes and items to pick up along the way if you take the time to explore, which will be a lot easier if you knocked everyone out with the tincture. There is also a series of three difficult achievements to get here along the way of opening the vault.

If you go to the third-floor elevator and Displace yourself up the shaft to a new area, you can sneak past an Arc Pylon to find a lever in a drawer. Use the lever to remove the breaks on the main vault, sending it through the floor below to unlock the Party Crasher achievement/trophy. Note that you can do this and still earn the Perfect Crime achievement/trophy below.

Before actually opening the main safe inside the vault to get your new sword, there are five other safes on the left and right that can be opened. The combinations are 011, 235, 813, 455, and 891. Unlocking all five before grabbing the new weapon capable of killing the Outsider unlocks the Obsessive Safe Cracker achievement/trophy.

Finally, you can get an achievement/trophy for perfectly using stealth without turning anything off or harming anyone inside the bank (including the clockworks). If you empty the vault without tampering with any security systems while leaving everyone in the bank asleep and unharmed, you unlock the Perfect Crime achievement/trophy, which is quite difficult to do. For a full rundown on the best way to get the achievement and unlock the vault, check out our complete achievements guide here.

After grabbing the sword out of the primary safe, the level ends and you unlock the Twin Bladed Knife achievement/trophy.

 Opening the vault after crashing it through the floor

There you have it — the twin bladed knife is now yours and you can move forward with your quest to kill the Outsider! Did you find any other fun ways to complete the mission we didn’t cover here?

Be sure to share your method in the comments, and then check out our other Dishonored Death Of The Outsider guides to complete the rest of the game!

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