Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lost Book Quest Walkthrough Guide

Here's how to complete A Lost Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a Friendship Level 4 quest.

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley A Lost Book Quest was added alongside the Fairy Godmother as part of The Remembering Update. A Friendship Level 4 quest, it asks you to make Pumpkin Soup and find Merlin’s Book. Our walkthrough guide will tell you how to complete A Lost Book in DDV.

How to Complete the A Lost Book Quest in DDV

A Lost Book becomes available once you reach Friendship Level 4 with Fairy Godmother. Talk to her to initiate the quest when you’re ready. Fairy Godmother will tell you that she needs your help in completing some Villagers’ wishes. Here’s what you need to do.

Dreamlight Valley A Lost Book Quest Walkthrough

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The first part of A Lost Book will ask you to make Pumpkin Soup. It’s a little more complicated than some other recipes, requiring four ingredients that you’ll have to find if you don’t already have them. Further, you’ll need to gather Sticks for Olaf and Amethyst for Ursula. Here’s the recipe, as well as where to find Sticks quickly and Amethyst.

  • Cook 1x Pumpkin Soup for Anna
    • 1x Milk
      • 230 Star Coins in Chez Remy
    • 1x Ginger
      • Harvested in Forgotten Lands
    • 1x Pumpkin
      • Available at Forgotten Lands Goofy Stand
    • 1x Any Vegetable, I went with an easy-to-find carrot
  • Gather 100x Sticks of any type for Olaf
    • I suggest you head to the Forest of Valor and dig up stumps for faster gathering
  • Gather 3x Amethyst for Ursula
    • Mined in the Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights biome. I recommend bringing a mining buddy for faster gathering

Once you’ve gathered all of the requested items, give them to the proper NPCs. You can find them on your map and click their image to see a Dreamlight path in their direction.

How to Find Merlin’s Book in A Lost Book

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Talk to Fairy Godmother once you’re done gift-giving. She’ll mention that she needs help giving Merlin his book back, too — but first, she needs to find it.

  • Go to Fairy Godmother’s house and clean up all the rubbish on the ground. You’ll find Merlin’s book once you’re done.
  • Talk to Fairy Godmother once you have the book; she’ll tell you to go to the Library to put it back.
  • The Libary is actually just Merlin’s bookcase in his house, so head there and step inside. You’ll see sparkles indicating you can interact with the bookcase.
  • After you’ve placed the book back, head back to Fairy Godmother. She’ll thank you for your help and you’ll complete the A Lost Book quest.

Well, that’s it for our walkthrough guide on the Fairy Godmother A Lost Book quest in DDV. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for more tips, tricks, and quest guides.

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