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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope Von Schweetz will sweeten up your Valley, here's how to get her.

Vanellope Von Schweetz is here to sweeten up Disney Dreamlight Valley! If you’re wondering how to bring the glitch to your valley, look no further — This guide has a complete walkthrough to unlocking the rockstar racer.

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How to Get Vanellope Von Schweetz

Ready for Vanellope Von Schweetz to sugar rush into your valley? Here’s what to do.

  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck to start the Haunting of Dreamlight Valley quest.
  • Head to the top floor of the Castle and speak with the Specter (Vanellope) to start the Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust quest.
  • Complete the new DreamSnaps event challenge.
  • Speak with Vanellope again.
  • Place Vanellopes House in the valley (4,000 Star Coins).

To bring Vanellope into your valley you’ll need to complete the Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust quest and the Haunting of Dreamlight quest. First, you’ll need to find Scrooge McDuck and speak with him, he’ll tell you about a ghostlike specter haunting the castle, starting the first quest.

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How to Complete the Haunting of Dreamlight Quest

Head to the Dreamlight castle and ascend the stairs to the top floor. I found Vanellope Von Schweetz standing near the upper-level fountain. Talk with her, and she’ll tell you about a glitching problem that she needs your help with.

This will complete the Haunting of Dreamlight quest and initiate the Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust quest.

You’ll need to complete a DreamSnaps event to stabilize her glitch. You can view our complete guide on DreamSnaps here.

Vanellope will need you to place 5 Modern or 5 Wreck-It Ralph furniture objects, and you can filter your furniture by genre by heading to Furniture > All > Filters. I used 5 Wreck-It Ralph-themed items to create a candy-inspired room in my house.

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After submitting your DreamSnaps, you’ll need to talk to Vanellope once again. She’ll tell you she needs a house, and you’ll be able to place her new candy-themed home in your Valley. Once it’s placed, you’ll have to pay Scrooge McDuck 4,000 Star Coins to construct it and Vanellope will officially be welcomed!

Well, that’s it for how to bring Vanellope Von Schweetz to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for more walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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