Divinity: Original Sin 2 Guide — How to Beat the Cursed Revenants

Having trouble getting past the Cursed Revenants in Divinity: Original Sin 2 The Consulate quest? Here's how to kill them!

Having trouble getting past the Cursed Revenants in Divinity: Original Sin 2 The Consulate quest? Here's how to kill them!

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is already well on the way to becoming one of gaming’s most celebrated RPGs, with praise being showered on nearly every aspect of the game.

However, like most games, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is not without its flaws, and many players might find themselves cursing the devs while running through The Consulate quest because of…

The Cursed Revenants

At the Consulate ruins in Arx, you’ll encounter three Cursed Revenants — seemingly immortal creatures that automatically respawn upon death no matter how many times you kill them.

But although it might seem like an impossible task, there are actually two reasons why the Cursed Revenants might seem unkillable:

  1. Cursed Revenants will instantly resurrect at any nearby pool of cursed fire. This can be problematic, given that they also create cursed fire.
  2. Even if you managed to figure out that you need to clear the Consulate of all cursed fire surfaces, there’s a bug that can cause a nearly untouchable pool of cursed fire to spawn inside a wall near the Consulate office.

At the moment, most Divinity: Original Sin 2 players recommend just avoiding the fight in The Consulate altogether, but if you’re determined to bring the Cursed Revenants down, you need to extinguish all the cursed fire in The Consulate, as well as the little patch of cursed fire inside one of the walls.

Extinguishing the Cursed Fire in The Consulate

It’s pretty easy to miss the game’s explanation of how to get rid of cursed fire, but you actually have a few options for dealing with it.

  1. While water and ice won’t extinguish cursed fire or necrofire, blood will. In this case, you’ll want the Blood Rain skill for its large area-of-effect.
  2. You can convert cursed fire into regular fire with the Bless skill (and if needed, you can convert the regular fire into blessed fire with a second casting of Bless). You’ll want to connect the scattered pools of cursed fire before you do any Blessing if you want to preserve your Source Points.

That’s it. That’ll clear The Consulate of nearly every cursed fire surface – except for the bugged one.

The two most popular solutions I’ve found for dousing the bugged cursed fire in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are to use either the Tornado skill or the Terrain Transmutation skill, as their areas-of-effect will clip through walls (unlike Bless).

After you’ve done all that, just make sure to clean up any other cursed fire surfaces that the Revenants create — and they should stay down the next time you drop them!

If you can think of any other ways to douse all that cursed fire (especially the pesky bugged patch in the wall), leave your solution in the comments!

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