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Does Cities Skylines 2 Have a Map Editor Yet? Answered

When it comes to creativity and customization in this city builder, the main question is does Cities Skylines 2 have a map editor yet?

One of the major features of the original Cities Skylines was the map editor which allowed for endless creativity and customization. With the release of the sequel, the natural question is does Cities Skylines 2 have a map editor yet?

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I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with both the map and asset editor with all of its subcategories in the first game. Seeing what the community mods come up with also provided vast replayability. So will the new system be any different?

Does Cities: Skylines 2 Have a Map Editor on Launch?

The short answer is that Cities Skylines 2 doesn’t currently have a map editor on launch but it’s coming soon. In one of the “Behind the Scenes” blogs, Colossal Order revealed that they’re working on implementing a map editor to come sometime after launch. It’s being developed in close cooperation with the modding community, which is a great sign.

What I wanted to know first while reading the blog was how it was going to be structured. Apparently, the new editor will merge all the various editors from the first game into one place. Previously, you had to open the asset editor for assets and a separate one for maps. This new universal editor shall possess all the features necessary in one place whether you are creating a map, a building, or something else.

You can load a flat empty world, adjust the terrain like hills or valleys, create and place buildings and and roads to get a sense of how the city will look like. The editor will release in several steps following Colossal Order’s roadmap.

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Cities: Skylines 2 Map Editor Roadmap

As the devs put it, the new all-encompassing one-for-all editor will be released gradually following a roadmap. They will also be working on it alongside their modding beta group. Some notable features that will be coming soon are:

  • Creating Custom Maps: Customize the landscape along with bodies of water, natural resources, forests, and city infrastructure among other things. This will also include customizing the climate.
  • Custom Assets: You’ll be able to import assets using custom .fbx files. This feature will be available in the initial release of the Editor.
  • Code Modding: The exciting part is that community modders will be included in the project. You’ll also be able to share Paradox Mods like custom maps, buildings, and code mods.

As the Editor launches, additional features are planned in the roadmap like creating vehicles, trees, bushes, and more.

Colossal Order also has an up-to-date blog about all of these features so that we can engage with the changes and provide feedback. Overall, while I was sad to see that Cities Skylines 2 does not have a map editor yet, I am looking forward to it as it seems that a lot of effort is going into its one-for-all-style implementation. If you want more information about the game check out our Cities Skylines 2 guides like how to fix high rent.

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