Genshin Impact is out today on an array of platforms, most of which having cross save support.

Does Genshin Impact Have Cross Save?

Genshin Impact is out today on an array of platforms, most of which having cross save support.

Gacha players and action-exploration title fans alike have been waiting for Honkai Impact 3rd developer miYoHo’s newest title Genshin Impact for a while. Today, that wait is over as the game has fully launched on PC, PS4, and mobile devices with crossplay and cross saves (mostly).

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Genshin Impact features crossplay across all platforms, meaning players can join up with friends on any platform to take on some content. However, the question of whether the title features cross saves depends on the platform.

Just for the sake of clarification, the ability to use cross saves means you can save on one platform and resume your gameplay on another. This is a great feature considering the array of platforms the game is currently on, as well as its future Nintendo Switch release, but one platform is left in the dust in this regard.

Cross save works between Android, iOS, and PC. It does not work on the PlayStation 4.

Players on mobile devices and PC must login using a miYoHo account, which can be used across any of those devices to share cross save data to play at home or on the go.

PlayStation 4 Genshin Impact accounts are locked in the PlayStation Network ecosystem. Since the platform does not tie players to a miYoHo account, there is no cross save support for PS4.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean there’s no crossplay for Genshin Impact players on PS4, just that they can’t take their progress to their preferred mobile device or PC.

Genshin Impact racked up over four million pre-registrations around the globe and the servers are taking a beating on launch day, making the servers so slow. If you’re wondering which characters you should get excited over pulling (and maybe rerolling for), check out our Genshin Impact tier list. More guides on this action-exploration title are coming here on GameSkinny.

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