Does Helldivers 2 Have Split Screen Couch Co-Op?

So does Helldivers 2 have split screen couch co-op and can you play it locally like in the old days.

soldiers in tactical futuristic armor and shoot their guns toward oncoming bug-like aliens
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I love the isometric perspective of the original Helldivers because it supports an accessible local multiplayer mode. With the sequel now being a third-person shooter, players are wondering whether there will be a split-screen multiplayer mode. So, does Helldivers 2 have split screen couch co-op?

Is There Split Screen Couch Co-Op in Helldivers 2?

Unfortunately, Helldivers 2 doesn’t have a split-screen local co-op mode. Seeing that Sony was sticking to the co-op-focused gameplay in Helldivers 2 was great news. However, with the original being easily accessible in local multiplayer, the first question I asked was whether there would be split-screen gameplay for multiple players on one PC or console.

This was slightly disappointing as the charm of the original was causing chaos with friends from a couch. That said, Sony is going all in on the online co-op aspect. Besides all the usual online multiplayer goodness and teamwork, there are now tabletop RPG-inspired live Game Masters modifying and improving your experience through random drops and events as you play with friends online. Furthermore, there’s new gear progression and new Stratagems to blast both friends and foes.

a soldier in tactical futuristic armor and a gun runs from a caustic explosion
Image via PlayStation Studios

Will Helldivers 2 Get Local Couch Co-Op in the Future?

While Sony hasn’t mentioned anything, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume a split-screen local multiplayer mode is in the works for the future. I’m just skeptical about it. Implementing local co-op in an isometric game is drastically easier than for a third-person shooter one. That said, if Earth Defense Force can do it in recent sequels, then Helldivers 2 can, too. But it remains to be seen. Until then, PC and PS5 players can engage in online co-op. You’ll just need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online if you’re on console.

That answers the question of whether Helldivers 2 has split screen couch co-op. For more Helldivers 2 guides and tips, check out our HD2 crossplay guide and how to fix server error 53503.

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