Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat? Answered

Trying to talk to your Payday 3 crew? Here's what you need to know about voice chat.

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Playing Payday 3 online is a much more fun experience when you can talk with your crew. Whether you’re trying to complete a heist in stealth or taking on waves of police, proper communication can really help. In this guide we’ll be answering the following: does Payday 3 have voice chat?

Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat? Answered

Unfortunately, Payday 3 does not have a voice chat feature. Although it’s an expected inclusion that many see as essential, the co-op heisting title has launched without it.

That’s not to say it couldn’t be added in the future through an update. Besides being a common (and now highly requested) feature for a co-op game like this, it was also a part of Payday 2. The developers have stated that it’s currently being considered among other features that the community wants.

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How to Play Payday 3 with Voice Chat

To heist with voice chat, you’ll need to use a separate program or service. One of the most accessible options is with the native options on your platform. PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam each have their own chat and voice chat capabilities. These will allow you to talk with people as long as they’re in a party with you.

Another option is Discord. It’s separate, but a huge benefit of that is being able to talk to someone on another platform. If you want to play Payday 3 with a friend but they have Xbox and you have PlayStation, Discord is your best option.

Neither of these options makes it easy to speak with randoms though. If you do come across a teammate you enjoy playing with, you’ll need to go through the extra step of inviting them to a party/chat first. Discord will further require you to trade username information as well.

That answers whether Payday 3 has voice chat. We’ll be sure to update this if it’s officially added in the future. For all other questions and tips related to this heist-filled title, check out our PD3 guides page.

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