Does WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Have Mounts? Answered

Season of Discovery is going to be doing its own thing, including how it handles mounts.

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Classic takes a long time to get into and a lot of patience to play, and that’s going to be the case here with the new experimental Season of Discovery. So let’s get to the question on half of prospetive players’ minds: Does WoW Classic: Season of Discovery have mounts?

Can You Get a Mount in WoW: Season of Discovery?

If you’ve never tried Classic WoW, the level at which you get a mount in vanilla WoW might surprise you. In ye’ olden days, we got our mounts at Level 40 and we liked it. Kind of. And, well, that’s going to be the case in Season of Discovery, too, at least to a degree.

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery will only have one mount available to either faction as PvP rewards: Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber for Alliance and the Trainee’s Outrider Wolf for Horde. Being that mounts won’t normally unlock until the Phase 2 level cap, these will be a boon. Not only that, but according to Wowhead’s datamining, either mount will only be usable in Ashenvale. We’ll have to see this in action soon enough, with the SoD release time set for 1 p.m. PST/4 p.m. EST.

Kalimdor on the overworld map.
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Just because there won’t be mounts doesn’t mean there won’t be other transportation options in Season of Discovery. We’ll be getting a ton of nifty Runes to play around with, there’s no saying there won’t be something like the Shaman’s Wolf form or Druid’s Cat form locked away in some of those Runes for other classes. Or maybe something akin to Swiftness Potions? I guess we’ll see, and this article will have to be updated later with what we actually have available.

Surely Blizzard won’t let Shamans run amok everywhere outside of Ashenvale with Wolf form all through this season. Being that PvP will be the primary draw to SoD, we may be spending most of our time in Ashenvale anyway. In any case, that’s your answer to whether WoW Classic: Season of Discovery has mounts. Check out some of our other SoD guides as these new servers roll out a brand new flavor of Classic WoW.

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