Don’t Starve Together – Beginner’s guide to surviving your first night

Don't Starve Together is simple in terms of mechanics, but the game is still quite hard. We're here to help you.

Don't Starve Together is simple in terms of mechanics, but the game is still quite hard. We're here to help you.

Don’t Starve Together is an incredibly simple game in terms of mechanics, but most people are going to spend their first few hours dying…a lot. The game is difficult, but thankfully we’re here to help makes things a little bit easier.

Track Those Stats!

To start, you truly need to keep an eye on the stats on your HUD. Obviously, some are more important than others, but all of them will need to remain as full as possible to survive for long periods of time.

  • Health – Your health bar is the heart, obviously. It can be replenished by eating good foods and avoiding combat.
  • Hunger – Your hunger dictates almost everything in the game. The hungrier you are, the more insane you’re going to go and the more health you will lose over time.
  • Sanity – Believe us, you do not want to go insane. When you let the brain bubble lower too far, evil beings begin creeping onto the screen to take a bite.

Surviving Your First Day!

Your first day is important, as it can set the entire precedent for your survival in the game. There are some things players want to accomplish before the first nightfall hits.

  1. Find some Flint and Twigs in order to craft a Pickaxe and an Axe.
  2. Collect Grass and Cut Grass, then chop down trees for their Logs. These will be for a campfire when night does reach you.
  3. Hunt down Carrots and Berries – as many as humanly possible. You want a small supply of them before the first nightfall, as it will make things easier on you.
  4. If night has not yet descended upon you, then continue with the above steps – focus on food as much as possible, but don’t ignore the other supplies.

Things You Should Never Do!

There are a few things most people will want to avoid when they play Don’t Starve Together, especially right in the beginning of the game when you are weak, have no armor, and no weapons to defend yourself.

  • Never attack a Spider or Spider Den. Attacking a Den will turn all of the nearby spiders aggressive, and they will hunt you down for quite some time.
  • Do not attack Bees or Bee Hives. A Bee Hive will spawn Killer Bees when attacked, which hurt far worse than normal Bees.
  • Do not attack a Tallbird. These are the giant black creatures with a single eye. Also, do not steal their eggs, they absolutely hate that.
  • Don’t kill Beefalos. Beefalos are a wonderful commodity in the game, as they provide an infinite supply of manure to use in farming later on.
Surviving After Day 1

If you have managed to survive your first night, then you are well on your way to becoming an adept survivor. There are still some things to accomplish, though.

For example, you will want to prototype Rope as soon as possible so you may craft a Log Suit and Spear, both of which you can use to defend yourself.

Next, explore your surrounding area and find Beefalos as soon as possible. Their manure will be used for constructing crops, which you do want growing asap. In fact, these can become your main source of food once you have enough setup. 

You should still avoid facing off against crazed enemies, including Spider Warriors, Tentacles, and Lizard Men. They can seriously damage your health if caught unawares.

Following these simple steps should ensure you survive for at least one week in-game. Of course, there is much to learn in the world of Don’t Starve Together.

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