Doom Eternal Marauder Tips: How to Beat This Tough Enemy

Having trouble with the Doom Eternal Marauder? This tips guide will give you everything you need to take him down.

Having trouble with the Doom Eternal Marauder? This tips guide will give you everything you need to take him down.

The instant he’s introduced in Doom Eternal, the Marauder quickly becomes one of the toughest and, sometimes, most annoying enemies in the game. The Marauder is more than tough enough on his own, but he’s got a few tools that only make fighting him harder. Luckily, we’ve got tips on how to beat him. 

There’s a reason you meet him one-on-one in your first encounter. Any other enemies of note would only make that initial fight impossible. You’ll need to learn the Marauder’s kit inside and out, because he’ll have help at later points. Yep, he becomes a regular enemy later in the Doom Eternal campaign.  

Don’t worry, though. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to take down every Marauder you meet in Hell and beyond, including secret encounters and Slayer Gates. 

How to Beat the Marauder in Doom Eternal

A Marauder exits a portal in Doom Eternal.

Marauders are deadly in any situation, and until you understand how they work, you’ll have no way to beat them. Put shortly, a Marauder can:

  • Block all attacks with their shield
  • Cannot be damaged by the BFG
  • Move as quickly as the Slayer himself
  • Do heavy damage at close- and long-range
  • Summon a stupid dog that just gets in the way
  • Take more hits than you’d expect

From point-blank range, you might need eight to 10 Super Shotgun blasts to take down a Marauder, and I think that’s being generous. As much as he moves and as much as he blocks, even that number is likely to grow. If you don’t hit the Marauder with the center of the reticle, it may take more shots. 

The only reliable way to damage Marauders is to counter them the instant their eyes flash green. You’ll have a little less than a second to react, so no matter what difficulty you’re playing on, you need to be fast. 

Oh, and I know I mentioned it above, but do not use the BFG-9000 on the Marauder. It will do nothing but waste precious ammo. Instead, if you find yourself facing him before expected, use the BFG to clear the room of secondary enemies. 

Tips on Fighting the Marauder

The Marauder enemy can be tough to beat, especially in your first encounter in the campaign.

The Marauder has a small selection of attacks:

  • An ax swing
  • A close-range shotgun blast
  • A blade beam for longer ranges
  • A summon, which conjures his idiot dog

Your first order of business in any Marauder encounter is to clear the arena of all other enemies except trash mobs. You’ll need those for health, armor, and ammo. They will continuously spawn, of course, but having several ready to go at the start will be a big help.

Second, kill the dog whenever it spawns. It might be nothing but a distraction, but that’s the threat it poses. You cannot afford to be distracted against the Marauder. A single shotgun blast or a few well-placed Heavy Rifle bullets will put the dog down, but be aware: its hitbox can be wonky, and it sometimes takes more damage than you’d think.

Now it’s just you and the ax-crazy demon guy.

The in-game tip says, “Keep him at mid-range,” but in my experience, you have less leeway than that. Mid-range is about three or four steps. Closer nets you a shotgun to the face, any farther and the Marauder will start spamming blade beams.

The Best Marauder Strategy

The Marauder wields an Argent battle axe, a shotgun, and summons a vicious dog.

Here’s how to consistently take down the Marauder.

  • With a clear, dogless area, switch to your Super Shotgun and Ballista
  • Maneuver until the Marauder is about four steps away, and his eyes flash green.
  • Hit him once with the Shotgun, quick-swap to the Ballista and hit him again, then switch back for a third shot.
  • Back up until he recovers from the stagger, then close the distance, but only so much. You don’t want a shotgun blast. Instead, get back in that mid-range and his eyes should flash green again. Blast him.
  • Repeat this process three or four times, and he’ll die.

You’re baiting attacks until you can strike, then putting yourself in the most advantageous position to repeat the process.

It looks easy written here, but it takes tight timing and a general understanding of the hitboxes for each of the Marauder’s attacks. Once you get the basics down, however, this beast won’t be a problem, even on higher difficulties. 

Just don’t die. You know. Easy.

That’s it for our guide on general Marauder tips for Doom Eternal. Be sure to check out our review. The game is quite good.

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