Doomtown: The Dudes Of Morgan Cattle Company, Part 2

The second part of examining the dudes behind the horses at Morgan Cattle Company.

The second part of examining the dudes behind the horses at Morgan Cattle Company.

The second batch of dudes from Morgan Cattle Company get their strength from the horses available in the game. Horses already provide an excellent means of moving around Gomorra without being booted. These gentlemen are able to use their horses for even more.

Jon Longstride

Jon is in the 8 of Spades slot. He doesn’t fight near as well as any of the other combat monsters that sit in that spot, but he could possibly be one of the most effective characters at stretching your opponent thin. After using his horse, Jon may stand the horse up and use him again. It seems simple enough, but this means Jon won’t have to boot until the third time he has to move. Considering that most dudes will be booted after 1 move, Jon clearly has the mobility advantage. Run him over to an opponents important deed to draw one of his dudes out. Then run back home. His dude will be booted while Jon will be able to use his horse again. Combine Jon with Good Stiff Drink or Fresh Horses for an incredible number of moves in one turn.

Jarrett Blake

Jarrett has mediocre stats, but an incredible ability. As long as Jarrett has a horse, he can change places with another dude in a shootout. This allows you to use Max Baine or Lillian Morgan to build a cheap deed for the Cattle Company, and you can rest knowing that Jarrett can come to the rescue. Not only does he take your high-influence character out of the battle, but he also brings his 2 Stud value into the gunfight. You can use this ability offensively or defensively. It doesn’t require Jarrett to be unbooted, so initiate a fight with a wimp like Travis Moone and then swap Jarrett into the fight instead! The better equipment Jarrett has, the less likely your opponent will want to mess with any of your dudes.

Lane Healey

Lane Healey is a fine example of the typical combat “expert” that fills the 8 of Spades slot. He starts off at 1 Stud, but add a Horse and he becomes a 3 stud just like the well-known Steven Wiles. Since this is a trait, not an ability, Lane keeps his 2 bullet bonus even if he gets hit with Unprepared. He is one of the few Morgan dudes that can use the Outfit ability and still feel safe knowing that he has the skill to win a fight on his own. If he’s equipped with a horse like the Pinto, your opponent will hesitate to start a fight, since Lane could come riding in.

Irving Patterson

Irving Patterson doesn’t necessarily derive his ability from a horse, but he can definitely get plenty of use from one. Patterson can use a Pinto to join a fight from anywhere and gain a Ghost Rock. He doesn’t have much in the way of bullets, but he has high influence for an initial cost of only 3. If you really want to abuse Irving’s ability, you can start a fight with him, then swap him out with Jarrett Blake to bring a real gun into the show. His real weakness is the low value and grit. His Ace makes him an incredibly easy target for Soul Blast or Shotgun.

Max Baine

Max Baine is the current man in charge of Morgan Cattle Company. Although that will change soon, he still knows how to be the man in charge. Max has 4 influence, allowing him to use the Morgan Outfit to play nearly any deed in the game for free. His 3 upkeep is hard to start the game with, but his ability to build deeds quickly and cheaply can offset that upkeep easily. Max is one of the few dudes that can earn a control point and who isn’t part of the Sloane Gang. He also gives all of your other dudes +1 influence and +3 value while they are at a Ranch. This helps protect low-value dudes from Shotguns and Soul Blasts while they are at Ranches, and might even help you keep control of the game by giving you plenty of influence. Max is easily one of the only high-value dudes in the game worth starting with. A first-turn Kidnapping could change your mind on that one, though.

If you missed it, check out the first part of the Morgan Cattle Company dudes. You’ll find the dudes centered around building and abusing the gadgets.

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