Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How to Get the Dragon Balls and Shenron Wish Guide

Check this guide to find out how to get all the dragon balls and what the wishes are in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse would not be complete if you could not collect all 7 dragon balls and make a wish to Shenron. Luckily, this game lets you do just that. Getting the dragon balls involves change and knowledge. A lot of patience will also help.

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Of course, you probably want to know what you can wish for too, right? Don’t worry I got you covered! The wishes also don’t explain exactly what you’ll get sometimes so I’ll save you a wasted wish by letting you know exactly what they mean.

This guide will go over getting the dragon balls in Dragon Ball Xenoverse including:

  • How to Get the Dragon Balls – The method on getting them.
  • Shenron Wishes – The full list of wishes you can get from collecting all 7 dragon balls as well as what they all mean.

How to get the Dragon Balls

There is a simple method to getting the dragon balls and you can even do it near the beginning of the game. It takes a lot of patience and time though.

  • Time Patrollers (Created Character NPCs) have a chance at giving a dragon ball.
  • You can fight them at multiple places, but the most common occurrence is at the Capsule Corp.
    • There is only a chance that they will appear and only a small chance they will give a dragon ball.
  • After beating them, watch your screen for the items you get.
    • If you see Key Item, that means you got a dragon ball.
    • They will either drop just 1 material item, 2 material items, or 1 material item and 1 key item.
  • You have to complete the quest, then you get the dragon ball as a reward at the end.

The two easiest parallel quests to do are:

  • 1 Star Quest – Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!
  • 3 Star Quest – Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force
Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans

You can do Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans at the beginning of the game. It is also easier to do than the other one, especially if you have a higher level character.

  • You have to beat Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien first.
  • After that, look at the building for the Time Patroller NPC.
    • You can also use your scouter if you don;t want to travel over there.
  • This one takes longer to know if you’ll get the Time Patroller NPC since you have to beat 3 people first, but they are easy to beat.
  • This one also seems to have a lower chance at having a Time Patroller NPC.
  • After you beat the Time Patroller, go through the portal to beat Gohan and Piccolo.
  • Do this one if you are near the beginning of the game and you don’t want to wait.
Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force

You can do this one after completing the Ginyu Force saga. It comes before Frieza.

  • You have to beat all 5 members of the Ginyu Force.
    • There are 2 portals, each have two members in them.
    • After beating 4, Captain Ginyu appears. Beat him to finish the mission.
  • This one is easier to get the dragon ball because you don’t have to fight anyone at the beginning.
    • Just look straight ahead, or use your scouter, at the beginning. If the NPC is not there, retry until it is.
  • The quest is harder than the first one, though, and it takes longer to complete.
  • Do this one if you have a high level character and don’t want to fight people at the beginning of the quest.

Shenron Wishes

Once you collect all 7 dragon balls, go to the center pavilion in the Plaza of Time.

  • You can check how many dragon balls you have by opening the menu, selecting bag, selecting item list, then go to the left for your key items.

There are 10 wishes you can choose from:

  1. I want money – You get 500,000 Zeni.
  2. I want a Rare Item – You get the Power Pole accessory.
  3. I want to dress up – You get a clothing equip set modeled after Journey to the West.
    • All the pieces increase Health and Ki Blast Supers 4 times and decrease Basic Attacks and Strike Supers 4 times.
  4. I want to be stronger – You get 5 Soul Resonance Apparatuses, and 3 Soul Spreading Synthetic Devices.
    • These are used to make strong Z-souls for your created character.
  5. I want to grow – Increases your level by 1.
    • It gives you the remaining experience needed, so don’t get this if you are close to leveling.
  6. I want a new Ultimate Attack – You get Blitz Hell the first time and Minus Energy Ball the second time.
  7. I want a new Super Attack – This can be used twice and you get a set of attacks each time.
    • First time gives – Flash Bomber, Drain Field, and Thunder Eraser.
    • Second time gives – Castrol Dragon Light bullets, Godspeed Light Bullets, Whirlwind Spin, and Sleepy Boy.
  8. I want more usable characters – This can be used 3 times to unlock 3 characters.
    1. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta
    2. Super 17
    3. Omega Shenron
  9. I want a second chance at life – Gives you all your attribute points back to put them in again.
    • Good if you want to change your stats instead of making a new character.
  10. I want to be drop dead gorgeous – Lets you change the appearance of your created character.

That’s it for my guide on getting the dragon balls and Shenron Wishes. Please visit my Dragon Ball Xenoverse Beginner’s Guide for more tips and guides on this game.

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