Learn all important basics of the gameplay in this beginners' guide to Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for PC.

Dragon’s Dogma: Tips and tricks for PC players

Learn all important basics of the gameplay in this beginners' guide to Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for PC.

Everything in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen revolves around your main character and his pawns. If you are completely new to the game, then it is highly recommended you check out this complete class guide first.

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At the start of the game, you begin to create your main character and your pawns a bit later in the game. This is where you define if your game will be a success or not. The developers gave us a wide range of choices, so it’s important to understand the basics before you can start your journey.

Understand your main character

Dragon's Dogma main character

In the character creation menu, first define what kind of personality and skill you want him to have.

For example, if you decide to create a Strength-based character, make him large and heavy, as this will complement his abilities. On the other hand, if you choose to go with Magick or Ranged character, then make him thinner and lighter.

You can always change the character’s appearance in the game after obtaining a special item – Secret of Metamorphosis. It can be purchased at the Rift Shop from a pawn named Johnathan. This item will also allow you to change the appearance of your main pawn.

Additionally, you can change your vocation at any time in the game after you reach the central hub. This happens early in the game and, don’t worry, you will lose no progress after changing your vocation.

It is advisable to open up and try all nine vocations that are available in the game. This is beneficial due to the augments you can unlock by leveling up your character. These augments are very useful and the more you can unlock the wider choice of stat growth you will have.

Choose your pawns wisely

Dragon's Dogma pawns

Dragon’s Dogma allows you to build a party of pawns that will assist your main character. However, you may only choose one that will be your primary pawn that stays with you for the rest of the walkthrough, while others will be secondary and can be changed at any opportunity.

Because your main pawn will stay with you for the entirety of the gameplay, it’s important to choose a vocation for your pawn that will complement your main character.

For example, if you choose to be a Fighter, then choose Mage with healing abilities, as Fighter tends to take a lot of damage. If you decide to go with Strider, then make your main pawn a Fighter, who will protect you from heavy attackers.

Pawns, in general, are very useful and not only learn from your main character, but can also give you directions and help you out in situations you yourself may not be too knowledgeable.

When you will be given the right to choose pawns, you will be asked a set of questions that will define their inclinations. This is where your choice will impact the effectiveness of your party, so try not to choose conflicting inclinations.

If you don’t want to dig too deep into the subject of pawns, below is the list of recommended inclinations for each of the Basic and Advanced classes:

  • Fighter: Scather, Utilitarian, Challenger, Mitigator.
  • Warrior: Scather, Mitigator, Challenger, Utilitarian.
  • Strider: Mitigator, Scather, Challenger.
  • Ranger: Challenger, Mitigator, Utilitarian.
  • Mage: Utilitarian, Medicant, Mitigator, Challenger.
  • Sorcerer: Mitigator, Challenger, Utilitarian.

Plan each step of the way and be well prepared

Dragon's Dogma boss fight

Dragon’s Dogma can be a complicated journey for somebody who never traveled this path before. So, it’s very important to plan ahead instead of running into something you simply won’t be able to handle.

Choose the right quests

First, figure out if the quest you’re taking is worthy of your time. Some of them can be interconnected, so you have to be prepared to do all of them in the proper sequence.

Second, evaluate the possible outcomes of the journey and try to understand if the reward and possible loot will be of any value to your party.

Lastly, check once again if you haven’t missed any important quests, so that you don’t lack some important items or pieces of information.

Prepare as well as you can

Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for the chosen quest.

Let your party rest well beforehand, so that their HP levels are at maximum. Also, make sure that you have enough healing items for your journey.

Try to get as much information about the forthcoming boss fight as you can – these sometimes can be extremely frustrating.

Plan ahead

Taking on quests in Dragon’s Dogma is like swimming in the ocean – you can go just as far and then you need to leave some energy for your way back.

So, before entering an unknown territory, scout the location to make sure that your party can leave the place quickly and safely.

Make sure that you have your Ferrystone, in case you need to quickly traverse back to Gran Soren.

Manage your loot

Dragon's Dogma equipment

You will find a lot of cool items in Dragon’s Dogma. Most of them will be quite useful, but if you feel that your party can’t handle any more of loot, you will have to get rid of some of its parts.

You should always use special items for upgrading your armor and weapons at the central hub; this will reduce the burden on your hero and pawns. You can also store your items at the Inn.

At times you will be overburdened, when you still need to make your way back. On your path you could encounter foes that you will not be able to counter effectively while overburdened, as excess loot consumes much of your stamina.

Thus manage your loot properly and save as often as you can.

What is Bitterblack Isle?

Dragon's Dogma Bitterblack isle

Bitterblack Isle is definitely the hardest area in the game and it is highly recommended that you enter this area only after you finish the main game. You have to be at least level 50 before you can even attempt at going there, but the most suitable level is 70 and higher.

In order to get to the Bitterblack Isle you have to accomplish an early quest at the Encampment and create your main pawn. From there on you need to return to Cassardis at the night time. You can then follow the purple marker on the mini-map to the dock area and talk to Olra.

The easiest class to play with in Bitterblack Isle is Strider. You also need to have three specific skills to feel relatively safe there – Hundred Kisses, Mighty/Full Bend and Double Vault.

Secrets and other hidden stuff

Dragon's Dogma Daimon boss

There are some non-obvious but important things in the game that new players need to know about. And, you definitely don’t want to miss these secrets in Dragon’s Dogma.

Cursed items

On your way through the Bitterblack Isle you can pick up various cursed items that you need to purify at Olra for a certain amount of rift crystals. Usually, these items are very powerful, but you will know what kind of items you picked up only after purification.

These cursed items can also give you secret augments, such as Acquisition, Facility, Grace, Tenacity and others. All of them are highly valuable and otherwise not available in the rest of the game.

Final boss’ secret form

There is also a hidden ending of the game. The final boss on Bitterblack Isle – Daimon actually has two forms. As you defeat his first form expect a lot of changes in the enemy spawns, their locations and the loot from chests.

In order to see his second form, you need to unlock the whole of Bitterblack Isle and fight him the second time. This is when you have to fight him twice with his awakened form in the second phase of the battle.

Additionally, here are some other secret tips you should be aware of:

  • If you stand close to a Rift Stone, it will replenish the health of your pawns.
  • If you happen to fall from great heights, one of your pawns can save you from taking damage by catching you in the air.
  • When fighting with Metal Golem, Sorcerer can reposition the talismans using Maelstrom skill.

You will find a lot of other things like hidden caves, shops and all sorts of references to other games in Dragon’s Dogma. But for now it should give you the taste of what’s coming and prepare you for the entirety of this grand adventure.

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