Dredge: The Pale Reach — Where to Find the Ice Shaper

The Iceshaper can help preserve fish while you're away from dock in Dredge The Pale Reach.

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Surrounded by frozen water and frigid sea, the fish you catch will still rot at the same rate they always have. Thankfully, ice for your boat is available as long as you know where find the Ice Shaper in Dredge: The Pale Reach.

How to Find the Ice Shaper in Dredge The Pale Reach

While searching through the remnants of documents in the shack near the Bleak Pontoon, the Traveling Merchant discovers plans for an item called the Ice Shaper. Used to cut through blocks of ice, she believes it could help her provide ice for your boat.

If you’re like me and you lose fish to rot all the time, this is definitely an item you want to locate. It takes up four spots in a square, so make sure you have the space in your inventory, or have fish you’re willing to chuck, to be able to take it.

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Ice Shaper Location

You’ll find the Ice Shaper near -2H. Like other items, its dredge spot will be highlighted with a yellow glow. Heading west from the Bleak Pontoon and following the edge of the iceberg is a solid plan when looking for it. You’ll need the Icebreaker to get to it, as there’s a blockade of ice chunks closing off the area.

When you have it, return to the Traveling Merchant. This isn’t an item that you get to use yourself, but one that she uses. She takes the machine and gets to work cutting ice into smaller pieces.

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How to Buy Ice for Your Boat

You’ll get two 2-space ice pieces available for free when you first give the Ice Shaper to the Traveling Merchant. After that, you’ll have to purchase your ice at the Shipyard under the miscellaneous tab at the end. She carries two sizes of ice at the Bleak Pontoon, each lasting a different amount of time. The ice slows the rate of rot on your fish, especially those closest to it.

  • Small Ice Block: $22.50 per piece
    • Lasts one day
    • Takes up two spaces
  • Large Ice Block: $45 per piece
    • Lasts two days
    • Takes up four spaces in a square

That’s where to find the Ice Shaper and how ice works in Dredge: The Pale Reach. If you need help finding all new fish varieties, creating a backup save, or want to know what to do with Frozen Hearts, check out our guides library.

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