Dying Light 2: Best Weapon Mods

You can blast Renegades off roofs and freeze angry Infected with the best weapon mods in Dying Light 2.

You can blast Renegades off roofs and freeze angry Infected with the best weapon mods in Dying Light 2.

It’s hard being a Pilgrim in Dying Light 2, so you’ll want to choose the best weapon mods to make your weapons as effective and deadly as they can be. But which should you prioritize when you visit the Craftmaster? 

You are constantly on the move in Dying Light 2, dodging and battling your way through seemingly endless hoards of the Infected. Smashing and slicing these shambling undead will keep you alive, but some great weapon modifications can make the difference between completing your mission and being a snack for a living corpse.

We’ve shown you how to use mods, now we will help you choose the best mods in Dying Light 2.  

Best Weapon Mods in Dying Light 2


Spark is a great all-purpose weapon mod. Slot this into the tip of your weapon and critical hits will electrocute enemies. It’s useful for three reasons. First, it deals bonus damage. Second, it stuns the Infected or Renegade unlucky enough to be hit with it, rendering them temporarily incapable of attacking. Third, it arcs to nearby enemies, applying the same effects.

Hacking away at the Infected or Renegades and then suddenly having an entire room of enemies erupt in chain lightning is truly a thing of beauty, and useful for balancing out weapon durability.


The Puff is one of the best weapon mods because it can instantly erase enemies in the right situation. It affixes to the shaft of a weapon and charges up while you fight. Once it’s ready, you can manually activate it to unleash a forceful blast of energy.

Picture a rooftop full of tough Renegades. Line the bad guys up near the edge of the roofline, activate the mod, and suddenly It’s Raining Men. You’ve solved your people problems in an instant.  


Avalanche is the ultimate lifesaver weapon mod. This sockets into the shaft of your weapon and is another mod that charges up over time; it can be activated at your prompt.

It freezes enemies in a wide swatch in front of you, completely immobilizing hostiles for a time. It’s absolutely perfect for times when you are low on health or in danger of being overrun. Just activate the mod, ice the enemies, and use the window it provides to escape and heal. 


Slit is a boss killer. This weapon mod attaches to your weapon’s tip and applies a bleeding effect on a critical hit. It creates a long-lasting damage over time. Put this on a fast-striking one-handed weapon and you should have no problem slicing up a tough enemy to apply bleed and dodging out before they can retaliate. The persistent damage adds up quickly, and you will be surprised how fast elite enemies fall.  


Ok, this one is a bit of a cop-out, but we really recommend getting your hands on this grip mod as soon as you can. It doesn’t set anyone on fire or infect your enemies with poison. It makes the list of best weapon mods because it extends how long a weapon lasts before it breaks. Sure, all mods repair weapon durability to an extent, but this just does more.

That may sound plain, but some weapons can stand on their own, with great damage, range, or speed. Those are weapons you want to last as long as possible. Do yourself a favor and slap a reinforcement mod on them. You will thank us when you are smashing zombies with your favorite weapon later.  

Put these best mods into your weapons and you will significantly increase your chances of surviving your next meeting with the flesh-eating Infected of Dying Light 2. Now grab yourself some upgraded blueprints, and take on some GRE anomalies. We’ve got guides for those, many more, in our Dying Light 2 hub.  

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