Dying Light 2: How to Upgrade Blueprints

You can and should make your crafted tools, weapons, and health items more powerful in Dying Light 2. Here's how to upgrade blueprints.

You are an artisan of the new Dark Age in Dying Light 2, and blueprints are your tools. You’ve learned to craft, combining garbage and scraps to turn them into useful medicine, immunity boosters, and monster traps. But you still find yourself wanting.

Sure, you can heal, but you want to heal more. Yeah, that hand grenade is neat, but what if it had a bigger boom? These things are all possible; you just need to upgrade your blueprints.

The process used to upgrade blueprints is easy if you plan ahead. Settle in while we walk you through it.

How to Upgrade Blueprints in Dying Light 2

Blueprints, the recipes that let you craft useful tools, buffs, and weapon mods, all have levels. Each starts at Level 1 and increases in effectiveness as you upgrade it. It’s a straightforward idea but does take a bit of work on your part.  

The first thing you need is a Craftmaster. These vendors can be found at each of the primary bubs in Dying Light 2, such as the Bazaar or the Fish Eye. As you assign more Facilities like Water Towers and Electrical Substations and shift City Alignment, some will appear in other places around the map, no matter which faction you choose.

Craftmasters have two key functions. They sell new blueprints, allowing you to craft a growing assortment of things to make slaying the Infected more effective; some blueprints are above Level 1, so you can get a head start. They also upgrade blueprints. Any blueprints you have with available upgrade slots can be improved by a Craftmaster. 

You can upgrade blueprints for everything from Nightrunner tools and accessories to consumables and weapon mods. Even resources like lockpicks.

As great as the Craftmasters are, they don’t work for free. Each successive upgrade level comes at an increased cost. And we aren’t talking just money, that would be too easy. Craftmasters want Infected Trophies, proof that you have slain special Infected or Military Tech from Airdrops.

Farm Infected Trophies to Upgrade Blueprints

Infected trophies come in three varieties.

Uncommon are ironically common. These are easy to find on Virals, Spitters, and Howlers. You will go through a lot of these if you upgrade blueprints regularly. Make sure to stop and loot these Infected any time you take them out.

Rare trophies are a bit trickier to find. The most effective method for finding and farming these is to venture out at night. You will see special Infected marked on your map. You will frequently see a telltale blue symbol indicating a rare Infected is nearby. You are looking for Goons, Bolters, and Banshees. Smash them with something heavy, collect the trophy, and move on.  

Unique Infected Trophies are the rarest. These come from boss-level Infected. They are few and far in between and will put up savage fights. These come from Chargers, Demolishers, and Volatiles. The Infected you fight at Anomalies will also drop these. 

Once you have your trophies turn them, and any required Old-World Money (Craftmasters gotta eat!) in, and your blueprints will level up. Existing consumables and mods in your inventory won’t change, but any future crafts will be upgraded.

And that's how to upgrade blueprints in Dying Light 2. Living with the Infected will be hard, but now that your healthy boosts are healthier and your grenades are... grenadier... maybe you have a chance to survive. We’ve got more great tips to keep you among the living, so free run over to our Dying Light 2 tips landing page for more great tips.


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Published Feb. 3rd 2022

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