Everything you need to know about Bastion of Cork.

Echo of Soul: Bastion of Cork Dungeon Guide

Everything you need to know about Bastion of Cork.

This is the fourth solo dungeon in the set. This dungeon is practically a tower defense setup. You’re facing off against multiple waves of enemies. The real trick to this dungeon is preparation. Make sure you have plenty of healing items before going in.

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There are three stages. Each stage starts by talking to Cork Leader Ullman. I’ll list all three stages below.


Stage 1:

Stage one is a basic set up of multiple waves of enemies. It’s simple as long as you don’t pull aggro on too many of the monsters at once. Just kill everything, when the NPCs reset to their initial positions talk to Ullman again to initiate stage 2.

Stage 2:

After initiating stage 2 the NPCs will move to the southern point in the room. Here you’ll face off against multiple waves of enemies again. Same initial feel as stage 1. Stage 2 ends with the Guardian Lizard boss. In normal mode it’s rather simple but it gets a charge attack in Hero mode.

After the boss dies you need to go destroy the south pillar. There is nothing that actually tells you this, and if the NPCs take too much damage they just sit there. However, if you kill it fast enough, one or more NPCs will run to the pillar and help destroy it. After that, the NPCs reset to their initial positions again.

Stage 3:

Talking to Cork Leader Ullman one more time will start stage 3. Yaru the Destroyer doesn’t really do anything special. He hits hard, has an interruptible attack and summons a group of wolf adds at 50% health. His attack pattern doesn’t change in Hero mode. After you kill Yaru, you need to destroy the central pillar to complete the dungeon.

That wraps up my Bastion of Cork solo dungeon guide, be sure to check out more from Echo of Soul in my guide list. Any comments, questions, or concerns can be left in the section below.

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