Echo of Soul: Complete List of Guides

Here you'll find a link to every guide I've written, with a list of my next few upcoming guides.

Here you can find a list of all my current guides for Echo of Soul, and what guides I plan on releasing next. You can also request specific guides in the comment section below.

General Guides:

This section includes introductory and troubleshooting guides.

  • Echo of Soul: Beginner's Guide
  • XIGN Code Error 0xE019100B

Solo Dungeon Guides:

These are the solo dungeons that introduce different mechanics and help you gear as you level.

  • Hidden Cavern
  • Vagrant's Copse
  • Necromancer's Den
  • Bastion of Cork
  • Drakus' Laboratory

5 Man Dungeons:

Here I'll add in 5 man dungeon guides as I get to them. With the current population, group dungeon queues are quite long, so I've not gotten a chance to really spend time in these dungeons yet.

  • Promethean Giant's Hideout

Upcoming Guides:

Here I'll try to keep a list of at least the next three guides. As I release a new guide, I'll remove it from this list and plug it into the appropriate section above.

  • Lost Crypt (5 man)
  • The Rack (5 man)

Keep this page bookmarked as it will be updated frequently. Remember if you have a specific guide you'd like to request leave it in the comments below.

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Published Feb. 8th 2018
  • Michelle_6609
    The video you put ... How can it look so easy out when others do, but as soon as I even samples (play as warlock) is the fucking piss hard, it has something of the character you have vælgt and play or how and wherein the headed?
  • Jin_5826
    isn't there a guide to get gear level 60 or how to get it
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    it's literally dungeon grind. from 57-60 you farm Drakus Lab Hero for your famed set a full set of Famed gets you 590ish then you just go up the chain til you max out your gear score. Currently no other way to get PvE gear, unless you count the lvl 60 quest that gives you 5 tokens that you can exchange for famed gear, but the quest is to run Drakus Laab Hero 4 times anyways

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