Getting beast meat in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising takes a bit of patience and plenty of luck.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: How to Get Beast Meat

Getting beast meat in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising takes a bit of patience and plenty of luck.

If you’re looking for Beast Meat in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, you may need to complete some additional quests before you can actually get started. In the wilderness, and with New Nevaeh still very much under construction, your only way of getting meat is heading into the wild and sourcing it yourself.

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Here’s what you’ll need to get Beast Meat for the Tonight’s Menu quest. 

How to Get Beast Meat in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

The only way to get Beast Meat is by using Traps. You can purchase a Trap from the Tool Shop, though naturally, you need to actually have completed the Tool Shop quest, Profit Chasing, to unlock the shop itself. Doing so also unlocks access to the fishing rod, which, as you’d expect, is how you’ll catch fish.

Once you’ve bought your trap, you can only use it at designated spots. Almost every dungeon has at least one area you can use the trap in, and you’ll know it’s there because a large icon with a trap symbol shows up. 

Place your trap, then fast travel out of the dungeon. Go back in, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find some meat. If not, you’ll get absolutely nothing and have to try again. There’s no way to improve your chances outside of using better traps.

You can eventually upgrade your traps at the Tool Shop, along with your axe and mining tools, so the quest is worth completing even if you don’t plan on finishing every task in the game. If you’re using this meat to finish the Tonight’s Menu quest, you’ll get 750 XP for your trouble.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Beast Meat in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, but make sure to check out our other Eiyuden Chronicle Rising guides for more tips and tricks, including that most important of topics: how to save.

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