Wondering how to get the Raging Wolf armor set in Elden Ring? This guide leads you through Bernahl's questline to get it.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Raging Wolf Armor Set in Bernahl’s Questline

Wondering how to get the Raging Wolf armor set in Elden Ring? This guide leads you through Bernahl's questline to get it.
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If you saw any trailer for Elden Ring, you saw the Raging Wolf Armor. The showcase set for the game, it’s no wonder getting your hands on it isn’t a walk in the park. To get the Raging Wolf Armor, you must partake in the Volcano Manor quest and accept an optional task from Recusant Bernahl.

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In this Elden Ring guide, we’ll go through the steps you’ll need to follow, who to kill, and when to progress Bernahl’s questline to get the Raging Wolf Armor. Before you can start on your quest to acquire the Raging Wolf Armor set, make your way to Volcano Manor.

How to Get the Raging Wolf Armor Set During Bernahl’s Quest in Elden Ring

You first meet Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack in northern Limgrave early in Elden Ring. He’ll sell some basic Ashes of War and ask about how a Tarnished should look at life. Your response doesn’t have any material effect, though it changes Bernahl’s dialog at the Shack and Volcano Manor. 

NoteDo not kill Bernahl here, or his quest will fail. You won’t be able to get the Raging Wolf Armor set.

Step 1: Join Volcano Manor and Take Your First Contract

Once you arrive at Volcano Manor, you’ll need to speak to Tanith, the woman in white next to the Crucible Knight. Join them when she asks, your first step toward the Raging Wolf Armor.

Afterward, head to the Drawing Room down the hall, and collect the first Letter from Volcano Manor. You’re charged with killing Old Knight Istvan, who you can invade via a red sign in Limgrave near the northern coliseum.

Killing Istvan awards the Scaled Armor, a Rune Arc, and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Step 2: Return to Volcano Manor and Take the Second Contract

Return to Volcano Manor and speak to Tanith to become a full member of the Manor and receive the Magma Shot Incantation. Go to the Drawing Room for another Letter from Volcano Manor.

This time, go south of the Bridge of Inequity Site of Grace in Altus Plateau to kill Rileigh the Idle.

From the Bridge Site of Grace, head across the rope bridge, then east, dropping onto the Spiritspring launch points. Continue east, dropping onto another Spiritspring, then head north through the small pass to find Rileigh’s red sign. Kill him, being careful of his Scarlet Rot attacks, and return to the Volcano Manor.

Step 3: Return to Volcano Manor; Speak to Bernahl About a Special Contract

Speak with Tanith, then go to the Drawing Room again. Talk to Bernahl, and he’ll give you the Letter to Bernahl. It directs you to a location within Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Step 4: Go to Leyndell, Royal Capital’s Forsaken Manor

Once within Leyndell, make your way to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, southwest of the main road that cuts through the city. You’ll see a giant dragon corpse to your north. Go to it, killing or avoiding the Leyndell Knights with greatbows, and climb up the corpse’s wing.

Continue climbing until you reach a long limb connecting the wing to the body. Head up, and jump to the ruined chamber to the left. Climb the ladder. 

Go across the bridge and down the staircase on the other side, then pull the lever to open the street-level door. Drop down opposite the lever and into an oddly familiar chamber. There will be a red sign in the middle of the hall.

Step 5: Invade and Kill Vargram, the Raging Wolf

Invade Vargram, the Raging Wolf, and you’ll fight alongside Bernahl against Vargram and his friend Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm. Bernahl doesn’t need to survive the fight against the Raging Wolf, but you do.

If you’re victorious over Vargram, you’ll receive the Raging Wolf Armor Set upon returning to your world.

The Raging Wolf Armor set is an excellent one, with solid stats across the board, and it looks great on any build. The Raging Wolf Armor is a little on the standard side, but mix and match with other red and silver armor for some choice fashion.

And that’s how you complete Bernahl’s quest for the Raging Wolf Armor set in Elden Ring. Check out our best Elden Ring armors guide for some top-tier armor options. You might as well pick up the Blasphemous Blade once you’ve completed the rest of Volcano Manor. And be sure to keep up with our guides hub, as there are more tips and tricks to help you through the Lands Between.

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