Elden Ring: Best Armor Tier List

Make your character stronger than ever with the help of our tier list guide for the best armor in Elden Ring.

There are 120 armor sets in Elden Ring for all types of builds. As always, players also have the chance to combine different pieces of the armor sets if they wish to do so. But players who look out for the most resilient armor in the game will always look out for that one special set for their character.

Our tier list guide will provide you with only the best and strongest armor sets in Elden Ring. You will also learn all the ins and outs on how to obtain each of them. Note that some of them will require you to go through entire questlines, while others can be simply picked up.

Elden Ring: S-Tier Armor

Bull-Goat Set

  • Set Weight: 63
  • Defenses: Phy-45 / Mag-28.9
  • Resistances: Imm-170 / Vit-130 / Poi-100

The best armor in the game for physical resistances is undoubtedly the Bull-Goat armor, which has only one drawback of a massive weight. But if you play as a purely strength-based character, then you should have no problem equipping this set without the risk of fat rolling.

It provides the highest poise of all armor sets in the game, although it may not be the best-looking armor with giant horns protruding from its chestplate.

You have to follow the given steps precisely, if you want to get this set:

  1. You must spare Patches' life in the Murkwater Cave.
  2. Find and speak to Patches later at the Scenic Isle in Liurnia of The Lakes.
  3. Start the Volcano Manor quest, but do not kill Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy yet.
  4. Accept Patches' quest at Volcano Manor.
  5. Defeat Great Horned Tragoth at Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

The Bull-Goat set will be rewarded right after Tragoth's death.

Note: If you kill Patches earlier, or if you kill Rykard prior to completing Patches' quest, this armor set will be impossible to get anymore.

Crucible Axe Set

  • Set Weight: 36.9
  • Defenses: Phy-38.3 / Mag-28.2
  • Resistances: Imm-120 / Vit-82 / Poi-58

If you're not a fan of extremely heavy armor that makes you fat roll, but you still want solid protection, then Crucible Axe armor would fit the bill perfectly. Many players also consider it to be the most stylish armor sets in Elden Ring.

The entire set can be obtained by defeating Crucible Knight Ordovis, who can be found Auriza Hero's Grave, located in the eastern part of the Capital Outskirts.

Note that this boss fight also includes another Crucible Knight, so ultimately you'll have to deal with two bosses at the same time. One of them wields a spear and the other one carries a special sword, which you also get if you manage to beat them both.

Crucible Tree Set

In case you don't want to fight two Crucible Knights, you can get a similar Crucible Tree set at Deeproot Depths, an underground area, which can be entered by taking a rest in a coffin after killing Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, Eternal City.

There you need to fight Crucible Knight Siluria, and after the fight you will find the Crucible Tree set in a chest behind the boss. Both Crucible Axe and Crucible Tree sets are practically equal in stats, but look slightly different.

A-Tier Armor

General Radahn Set

  • Set Weight: 39.2
  • Defenses: Phy-41 / Mag-29.3
  • Resistances: Imm-143 / Vit-91 / Poi-60

Starscourge Radahn boss not only gives you a chance to get the best greatsword in the game after beating him, but also one of the finest and most solid armor sets as well.

Of course, you must first beat Starscourge Radahn, who resides in the Redmane Castle, Caelid. The quickest way to get there is to use the Chamber Outside the Plaza grace.

Note that this boss is weak to Scarlet Rot and Bleed, or you'll have a lot of trouble beating him. When you're done with him, go to Finger Reader Enia at Roundtable Hold, and buy this excellent armor for 36,000 Runes.

Veteran's Set

  • Set Weight: 45
  • Defenses: Phy-41 / Mag-29.3
  • Resistances: Imm-27 / Vit-110 / Poi-79

This armor set has some of the best ratio of weight to poise in Elden Ring. Due to this it could have easily been an S-Tier armor, but unfortunately it has a very low immunity to poisons and blights, which can be murder in some fights.

In order to obtain this set you need to defeat Commander Niall boss, who can be found on the roof of the Castle Sol, located at Mountaintops of the Giants, which can be seen at the northeastern part of The Lands Between.

Once the boss is dead, you need to speak to Finger Reader Enia at Roundtable Hold, and she will gladly sell you this robust armor for 18,000 Runes.

Lionel's Set

  • Set Weight: 50.7
  • Defenses: Phy-38.3 / Mag-29.3
  • Resistances: Imm-150 / Vit-100 / Poi-79

If you are looking to acquire a very heavy armor with high poise, but you don't have access to the Patches' quest anymore for obtaining Bull-Goat set, then Lionel's set is the next best choice.

Obtaining this set is really easy. All you have to do is go to the the Lower Capital Church, located in Leyndell, Royal Capital, and pick it up from the bed. No boss fights or quests required!

B-Tier Armor

Beast Champion Set

  • Set Weight: 40.1
  • Defenses: Phy-37.6 / Mag-28
  • Resistances: Imm-133 / Vit-88 / Poi-60

This set was designed for Tarnished by the name Knight Bernahl. If players can follow through with him, they will be able to obtain this impressive set.

At first, you will meet Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster's Shack, Stormhill. Later on he will move to Volcano Manor, and will serve as the Ashes of War merchant by the name Recusant Bernahl, if you pledge allegiance to Volcano Manor and complete related assassination quests.

You can start fight with him and after the defeat he will drop the Beast Champion set. If you don't want to fight him at that point, you will have another chance later on at Crumbling Farum Azula in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

In this case, he will drop the Beast Champion armor, the Blasphemous Claw, and his own special mace weapon.

Scaled Set

  • Set Weight: 38
  • Defenses: Phy-36.7 / Mag-28.9
  • Resistances: Imm-135 / Vit-91 / Poi-58

This type of armor would be a great choice for those players, who want to have an increased resistance against non-physical damage, as well as relatively high poise.

Obtaining the Scaled Set is also relatively easier than many of the other sets on our list. All you need to do is defeat Old Knight Istvan, the first of the three invaders during the Volcano Manor questline.

Once defeated he will drop the armor, Furlcalling Finger Remedy for multiplayer, a Rune Arc, and some runes.

Malformed Dragon Set

  • Set Weight: 38
  • Defenses: Phy-36.7 / Mag-28.2
  • Resistances: Imm-135 / Vit-91 / Poi-56

In addition to the Beast Champion set, you can get the Malformed Dragon armor at the same location, but from a different boss.

You need to defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel, just not the one at the Capital Outskirts, but another one, who can be found at the Crumbling Farum Azula in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

This one is harder to beat, but you can use poison damage, to which he is rather susceptible. In addition to the Malformed Dragon set, he will also drop 28,000 Runes.

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