Using Spirit Ashes is one of the best ways to defeat bosses and large swarms of enemies in Elden Ring. Find out how to upgrade Spirit Summons in this guide.

Elden Ring: How to Upgrade Spirit Summons

Using Spirit Ashes is one of the best ways to defeat bosses and large swarms of enemies in Elden Ring. Find out how to upgrade Spirit Summons in this guide.
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In Elden Ring, there are different types of summoning. You can summon an NPC or other players to assist with boss fights, but you also gain access to Spirit Ashes early on in the game. These equipable aids allow you to spend FP to summon spirits like warriors, wolves, and poison jellyfish to your side. You can upgrade spirit summons to make them more powerful. 

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To access spirit summons, make sure you have Torrent. Fast travel to the Church of Elleh Site of Grace where you will be greeted by Renna, who will ask you if you can summon a horse. Respond yes, if you would like the Spirit Summoning Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes, a powerful companion. But if you’re here, you’re wondering how to upgrade spirit summons.

This Elden Ring guide will tell you how to upgrade spirit summons, including the Lone Wolf Ashes, so that they can become more powerful allies in the Lands Between.

How to Upgrade Spirit Summons in Elden Ring

Where to Find Roderika in Limgrave

To upgrade Spirit Summons, you must first visit an NPC in a seemingly random part of the world. Don’t worry; she’s essential and not too far off the beaten path. 

You will find Roderika at the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace in Limgrave, just off the main road to Stormveil Castle. Talk with Roderika multiple times and exhaust her dialogue. She will give you the Sitting Sideways gesture and the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, a strong spirit that inflicts poison damage. She will then request you find an item called the Chrysalid’s Memento.

Where to Find Chrysalid’s Memento

After you beat Margit the Fell Omen, rest at Rampart Tower. At this Site of Grace, you will find a group of dead bodies underneath the hanging corpse of a Stone Digger Troll. There are a couple of dogs to watch out for here. Dispatch them and pick up the memento off the ground to upgrade spirit summons. 

If you have the elevator activated next to Rampart Tower, take it down. Go straight toward the dining hall with the multi-armed enemy, then right into the room with the body pit and troll.

If you don’t have the elevator activated, exit Rampart tower north, then stand at the edge of the wall next to the Summoning Pool. Jump down to the next roof, then down to the ground. Turn around when you land, then go through the door and left. Go right up the small wooden stairs, through the hall, and then right. Follow the path around. Go through the next door, and you’ll be on a platform overlooking the body pit. 

Roderika and Master Blacksmith Hewg Dialogue Choices

Return to Roderika again, and she will teleport to the Roundtable Hold hub area. Once she is there (standing by the fireplace), you will need to talk to both Roderika and Master Blacksmith Hewg to unlock Spirit Tuning, which is how you upgrade your spirit summons. You must convince each character to help the other.

Speak with Roderika, then Blacksmith Hewg, choosing the “About Roderika” option. Exhaust that dialogue, then return to Roderika and choose “Tell her what the blacksmith said.” Exhaust that dialogue, then return to Hewg and again choose “About Roderika.” Then choose “Would you watch over Roderika?” and finally, “It’s what she wants.” Rest at the table of lost grace.

From now on, Roderika will be set up across from Hewg. She will now offer Spirit Tuning services. For a small chunk of Runes and in exchange for special upgrade items Gloveworts, Roderika will upgrade Spirit Summons. 

Where to Find Gloveworts

The way you upgrade spirit summons works similarly to upgrading weapons. Like Smithing Stones, there are different levels and varieties of Gloveworts, the most common and useful at the start being Grave Gloveworts. These can be used to upgrade spirit summons that are the common Ashes you will find at the start of Elden Ring.

Ghost Gloveworts, which let you upgrade spirit summons that are named, Elite-grade Ashes, are another variety you will find while exploring the Lands Between. Search graveyards, catacombs, and caves for Gloveworts

And that’s how you upgrade Spirit Summons in Elden Ring. If you want more tips and tricks on finding valuable resources and getting more powerful, go to our Elden Ring guides hub.

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