Elden Ring Smithing Stones Explained: How to Use Them to Upgrade Weapons

Find out what types of smithing stones exist in Elden Ring, and learn how to use them with the help of this guide.

Find out what types of smithing stones exist in Elden Ring, and learn how to use them with the help of this guide.

Smithing is an essential mechanic in Elden Ring that allows you to upgrade and strengthen your weapons. To do so, you need to collect various Smithing Stones throughout the Lands Between. You must then either visit a smithing table (such as the one at the Church of Elleh) or approach a blacksmith (such as Master Hewg at the Roundtable Hold). These two places allow you to upgrade your equipment with the stones required.

This Elden Ring guide will explain the different types of smithing stones, as well as how to use them. If you’ve already played any of the Dark Souls games in the past, then this system should be familiar to you.

Types of Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

There are two major types of smithing stones in Elden Ring:

  • Smithing Stones
  • Somber Smithing Stones

Smithing Stones are used for upgrading regular gear and weapons, while Somber Smithing Stones can be used only for upgrading unique gear and weapons.

Players will encounter nine different tiers of Smithing Stones in the open world, with their level indicated by the number in the brackets. For example: Smithing Stone [1]. The ninth level is achieved by using an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. Each of these tiers provides the following upgrades to your gear:

  • Tier [1]: +3
  • Tier [2]: +6
  • Tier [3]: +9
  • Tier [4]: +12
  • Tier [5]: +15
  • Tier [6]: +18
  • Tier [7]: +21
  • Tier [8]: +24
  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone: +25

As for Somber Smithing Stones, there 10 tiers, where each tier upgrades unique gear by one point. As with regular Smithing Stones, the final level is achieved with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

  • Tier [1]: +1
  • Tier [2]: +2
  • Tier [3]: +3
  • Tier [4]: +4
  • Tier [5]: +5
  • Tier [6]: +6
  • Tier [7]: +7
  • Tier [8]: +8
  • Tier [9]: +9
  • Ancient Dragon Somber Smithing Stone: +10

Where to Find Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

Smithing Stones can be found in many places through the Lands Between. Some are on corpses, others are lying on the ground near cliffs. Some are found in graveyards, while others are dropped by enemies. It is possible to find multiple Smithing Stones from a single item node, as well. 

Another good place to find them is in the various tunnels around the map. Limgrave tunnels and Morne tunnels are two such places in the early game. 

They can also be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold, but you will need to find the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing first, which is a drop from the boss in Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave.

How to Use Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

You can upgrade your regular weapons up to +3 at the Smithing Table in the Church of Elleh, just left of the merchant Kale.

Later on, you will find the Blacksmith, also known as Smithing Master Hewg, at the Roundtable Hold after speaking with Melina a second time (after she meets you and gives you access to Torrent). The Roundtable Hold can be accessed only through the fast travel menu.

You can only upgrade weapons and gear with the corresponding Smithing Stones. This means that your equipment level and Smithing Stones tiers must correspond. That’s why you can only upgrade your regular gear to +25, and your special gear to +10.

Once you’re at the Blacksmith, interact with them and choose “Strengthen Armament.” This brings up the Smithing menu. If you want to strengthen a regular weapon that is already upgraded to +3, you will need to use Smithing Stone Tier [2] in order to reach +6, then Tier [3] to reach +9, and so on up to the very last tier.

In the case of special gear, the order is the same. If you already have a unique weapon with +1, then you need to use Somber Smithing Stone Tier [2] in order to upgrade it to +2, Tier [3] to upgrade it to +3, and so on.

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