Elden Ring: Where to Find the Siofra River Abandoned Merchant

Wonder where to find the Abandoned Merchant in Siofra River? Here's their location, as well as what they sell, in Elden Ring.

There are a handful of merchants to be found across Elden Ring. Some are out in the open, while others are a bit tougher to find. The Abandoned Merchant in Siofra River is one such vendor. However, you'll want to visit their location because they sell a few worthwhile items. The problem is getting there.

Siofra River is one of the more difficult areas you'll come across in your early time in The Lands Between. It's full of tough enemies that can easily one-shot you, and if that doesn't scrawl "You Died" across your screen, their sheer numbers likely will, even if you are just running to the Abandoned Merchant's location.

To make things a bit easier for you, this Elden Ring guide will tell you how to find the Abandoned Merchant in Siofra River, as well as outline what they sell. 

How to Find the Abandoned Merchant in Elden Ring's Siofra River

We're assuming that you've already made it to the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Start from there, and head north toward the Abandoned Merchant. Pass under the towering column ruins, and then go past the larger island in the middle of the water area here.

Continue north to another column ruins, where you'll see scaffolding going up one of the columns. You'll also see a small wooden shack in this area. Go up the ramp below the scaffolding, then up the ladder leading up. Watch the Ancestral Spirit here. 

Defeat them, and go up another ladder to face another Ancestral Spirit (if it didn't drop down when you were fighting the previous one). 

Follow the path left, and look down. You'll see another section of scaffolding; drop down to it. Follow that path around left, up another set of stairs, then right across a bridge. Enter a marble/stone hallway, then a cave in the cliff (which is behind a waterfall). Continue right into an area with camping supplies, then left. 

Drop down into marble/stone area. Proceed left, and drop down again. The Abandoned Merchant is to your left against the wall.

If you're coming from the Worshippers' Woods Site of Grace, face southeast to find the column with the scaffolding just across the small body of water. 

Either way, you'll have to clear the Ancestral Spirits here every time. There doesn't appear to be any type of shortcut to the Abandoned Merchant. 

Abandoned Merchant Items List

Here's what the Abandoned Merchant in Siofra River sells, including each item's in-game description and a few notes where applicable.

  • Soap
    • Price: 400 Runes.
    • Description/Notes: Removes filth and accumulations on the body. We have not used this, but it appears to be used for removing status ailments.
  • Nascent Butterfly
    • Price: 1,500 Runes.
    • Description/Notes: Used to craft some Cured Meats. 
  • Stonesword Key x3
    • Price: 2,000 Runes each.
    • Descriptions/Notes: Use to break on Imp Statue seal.
  • Larval Tear
    • Price: 3,000 Runes.
    • Descriptions/Notes: Material needed by Rennala to grant rebirth.
  • Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [17] + [18]
    • Price: 1,000 Runes each.
    • Description/Notes: Expands crafting repertoire.
  • Shotel
    • Price: 2,500 Runes
    • Description/Notes: Curved Sword with Slash. Physical attack 96; Str E (9); Dex D (19).
  • Arrow
    • Price: 20 Runes each.
    • Description/Notes: Physical damage 45. 
  • Dwelling Arrow
    • Price: 160 Runes each.
    • Description/Notes: Physical damage 15; Magic damage 95.
  • Bolt
    • Price: 40 Runes each.
    • Description/Notes: Physical damage 50.

And that's everything you need to know about how to find the Abandoned Merchant in Elden Ring's Siofra River area. There's not much need to visit the vendor unless they're carrying something you need, so now you know if you should make the dangerous trek or not. For more Elden Ring, head over to our tips and guides hub.

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Published Mar. 1st 2022

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