Elder Scrolls Online Skyshard Locations – Bal Foyen

Need to know the all the Skyshard locations in Bal Foyen? Then, check out this guide and I'll walk you through them.

Bal Foyen is in Ebonheart Pact territory in Elder Scrolls Online. After completing Bleakrock Isle, you end up at Bal Foyen. There are 3 total Skyshards available in Bal Foyen. This slide marks each location on the map. The colored dots are roughly the area you need to go

I'll go over each location and how to get there in each slide. It will also show each location of the Skyshards in the world to get a better look at the surroundings.

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Hidden near the highest hut

Dhalmora is the first place you come too after arriving on Bal Foyen. It is a village made up of huts.The one in the middle is the biggest and has all the profession merchants and stations.

  • Head around back of the middle hut.
  • If you see stairs, don't go up them. Go past them until you see the Skyshard.

In the fort, just around the way

You can find Fort Zeren to the southwest on the map. The main quest leads you there.

  • The wayshrine for Fort Zeren is also on the map, head to it.
  • Go west behind the wayshrine and you'll see the Skyshard.

About to set sail

The Bal Foyen Dockyards is all the way to the north of your map with the anchor symbol. You also go here eventually during the main quest.

  • Go to the first ship, in the middle of the dockyards.
  • Head to the front of the ship, facing south, and you'll see the Skyshard.

That wraps up the locations in Bal Foyen. If you want to find out more skyshard locations, or want help with anything else related to Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to visit our ESO team directory.