Elemental Quest – The Lost Lights: Child of Light Quest

Where to find the elementals for the Lost Lights quest in Child of Light
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Where to Get the Lost Lights Quest

In the Cynbel Sea, on the first screen upon entering fly (swim?) as fat left and as high up as you can, and you’ll find a lost elemental. He wants to go home, but needs help to get there. He and Igniculus summon his elemental friends, but they are scattered around Lemuria. Surprise, surprise – he wants you to do the legwork and find them!

Each elemental will be hanging out at the sign / shrine’s you’ve likely been noticing since way back in the Mahthildis Forest. At each, you’ll now encounter an elemental. Speak to them and they’ll head for our tired glowy friend in the sea. Here’s where they are:

2 in the Forest

Mahthildis Forest: One near the sign in the Tree of Thorns in Mahthildis Forest. 

The Old Monastery: One at the sign just outside the exit to the monastery – fly down and left after exiting. 

2 in the Plains

Windwheels: The fastest way to reach the sign in the Windwheels is to fast travel to Bolmus Populi. Just outside the town of Bolmus Populi past the smoking girl you’ll find the sign.

Bolmus Populi: Go to the entrance of the Moon Temple, then fly straight down past two fire reapers and to the right. Expect some left wind gusts to contend with. (Thanks TheWhistlerr!)

2 at Sea

Cynbel Sea: If this one were any closer to the quest giver, they’d be holding hands. He’s in the same cavern, fly left and down from the Elemental quest giver, to the sign.

Piscean Village: One just outside the Piscean Village on the right as you move to enter the Cynbel Sea.

Redeeming the Lost Lights Quest

Head back to the Elemental in the Cynbel Sea for a short interaction and your reward.

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