A little run down on the characteristic of the new Elsword Classes Dreadlord and Noblesse

Elsword: Choosing Dreadlord or Noblesse?

A little run down on the characteristic of the new Elsword Classes Dreadlord and Noblesse
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The new character Luciel is the latest character added to the Elsword Universe as well as my favorite character. This character brought a lot of new features to the table that had never been seen in Elsword before. Unlike most characters, Luciel is actually a demon duo made of Lu and Ciel. Their entire combat style is based off a constant switching system where you switch between the two. That might sound familiar if you are a fan of the popular series Sword Arts Online.

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Recently, this demonic duo got their Second Job Class extensions, Dreadlord and Noblesse, released on the North American Servers. Much like the previous second job class choices, Noblesse and Dreadlord follow the theme of one being Physical based and the other Magic based.


Dreadlord is the physical based class between the two. Dreadlord has abilities that range from using cool close range attacks that combo well to summoning epic demons that fight for you.

Here’s a video on the combos and skills Dreadlord can do:

However, a lot of Dreadlord’s attacks focus around the Terror debuff that comes with the Dreadlord class. The reason I shy away from using this class is because of that very debuff. 

Elsword is a side scroller. It is hard to see when an enemy falls victim to the Terror debuff in the middle of everyone firing off their own skills. Some of Dreadlord’s skills are enhanced after an enemy is under the Terror Debuff, but it is difficult to tell when they are under the effects of it. 

Dreadlord is certainly more for those who like to get up close and personal, which is usually what I favor to do, but I believe Dreadlord is better for those who are more into PVP than PVE. Dreadlord’s attacks can easily break through another player’s defenses, or get Dreadlord behind a player. The class also provides a variety of buffs that make it the hardest class to combo against, which makes it one of the most deadly classes in PVP.


Noblesse, the class I favor, is the magic based class between the two. Noblesse’s attacks are all magic based attacks that have a great AOE. This class provides skills that allow you to cause mass destruction from a distance.

Here’s a video on what Noblesse can do:

The thing I like about Noblesse is that the buff Noblesse uses is “Gathered Souls.” This buff is a buff that triggers on your character. It makes it easy to tell when the buff actually triggers.

Noblesse’s skills have a wide AOE, which can be enhanced by the Gathered Souls buff, and do a decent amount of damage. The class can easily clear out a dungeon due to its attacks. However, in PVP the class falls short compared to Dreadlord. A lot of Noblesse Skills cannot combo well with its other skills. None of them can really pull your opponent into a combo because they all blast your opponent backwards. 

Noblesse is definitely more suited for players who like to hit up dungeons instead of taking down other players. 


Noblesse and Dreadlord are both incredibly fun classes. I find them both enjoyable to play as. I find it worth the time it takes to level them. Out of all the characters and classes in Elsword, I find these two classes the most worth playing.

Yet, if I had to say which one I favor and is better of the two. I would have to go with Noblesse. Certainly PVP is fun, but the best gear in the game for both PVP and Dungeons can only be found in Dungeons. Not only that, but Noblesse is still a deadly class in PVP. It can do a variety of attacks from long range that can hit anyone on the opposing team. However, Dreadlord does not have many AOE skills which are useful in Dungeons. 

If you ask for my suggestion on which class to go with. I would say go for Noblesse because it can do well in both PVP and PVE. However, I would say it all depends on your play style. It really is a choice between getting up close and personal or annihilating things at a distance. 

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