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Endless Dungeon Best Characters Ranked

Endless Dungeon has eight unique heroes to choose from, but which are the best?

Party composition matters. Heroes have strengths and weaknesses, helping each other in battle to create cohesive squads that emerge victorious. We shouldn’t just throw classes together haphazardly. With that in mind, here are the best characters in Endless Dungeon.

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Which Characters are the Best to Choose in Endless Dungeon?


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Zed is a top-notch damage dealer and a very effective multitasker, but what really sets her aglow is her ultimate ability. She’s one of the few heroes capable of soloing rooms alone. I like to play here as a Forward Scout since abilities like Nanoblood ensure I’m able to handle whatever tough enemies stand in the way. Her moves pack a punch, making her a force to be reckoned with. She’s like Blaze’s cousin in the damage world — almost on par but not quite as overpowered.


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With the coolest stun ability in the game, Cartie can destroy large groups of enemies easily. Her ultimate attack, Haraharrage, is where her real value comes into play. As Dust is collected, the attack charges. When it’s unleashed, she deals heaps of damage in a short amount of time. She also has several useful buff abilities like Peer reviewing, making her an integral part of any effective party.


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I do love me a good tank, and Bunker more than meets the bar. He’s all about buying time, holding the fort, and luring enemies his way. He’s also the first hero you’ll gain access to after the tutorial. Just because you get him early on doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. Bunker is capable of big-time damage with his ability Triggering, and if you pair that with his natural tanking ability, you’re cooking with gas. His ultimate is pretty useful, too, granting him invulnerability while simultaneously increasing aggro from monsters.


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Comrade is another hero of soloing rooms. He’s incredibly effective with his Turret ability, and adding him to your party essentially gives you an extra autonomous party member. His turrets can draw attention away from the group, giving you time to regroup or strategize. Using his To Arms!! ability will make any shove he performs repair all Research Terminals and Resource Generators instantly.


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Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Blaze. His ultimate is my favorite, causing missiles to rain down on enemies. His best ability, though, may be Hive Mine, which creates mines that explode when enemies are near. Upgrading Hive Mine can turn the battlefield into a whirl of explosions in a hurry, and it makes Blaze one of the more fun party members to take along with you. Plus, he’s in the heavyweight division for weaponry.

Those are the best Endless Dungeon characters to choose. It’s a healthy roster to choose from, and it can be hard to figure out who the best heroes are. But now you know. For more, head over to our guides section.

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