Endless Dungeon: How to Unlock Comrade

Comrade can lay down the firepower. Here's how to unlock him in Endless Dungeon.

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Endless Dungeon has an entertaining cast of characters to recruit and play as. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and some are certainly better than others. in fact, one has some of the best abilities in the game. Here’s how to unlock Comrade in Endless Dungeon.

Why You Should Unlock Comrade in Endless Dungeon

Comrade is something called a Remnant — or an AI robot that was created to be a servant to the Endless. They were essentially hitmen, bringing with them the immense combat capabilities and skills one might expect of a gun-for-hire. You’ll want to unlock him to take advantage of his passive, active, and ultimate.

Comrade can use turrets and repair Resource Generators, making him an incredibly useful hero. His upgrades include increased turret damage and fire rate, as well as being able to place multiple cannons at a time. His Hero Chips fits that set, focusing on damage, HP, and current HP.

How to Get Comrade

To get Comrade as a playable character, you simply need to enter the Transcendence Center for the first time. Then, return to the lobby, and you’ll be able to select him.

How to Use Comrade

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Comrade can be used in various ways, but I find he’s best using his turrets in front of any Wave Spawner. This will unload on enemies while you sit back and watch. You can leave the room and keep Comrade hanging around without worry.

You can also turn Comrade into a tank that soaks up the damage while you do damage from afar. He has a couple of strong upgrades, like Nanoblood, which gives him a health boost of 30%, allowing him to take a ton of punishment.

If you’re heading into a tough boss fight, Comrade is easily one of the best heroes to take with you, as he effectively acts as an extra character in your party. His turrets can cause havoc for bosses who might shift their focus onto them while you deal damage on your own. I like to lay them down in a crossfire killzone.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Comrade in Endless Dungeon. For more information on other heroes in Endless Dungeon, check out our guides section.

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