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Endless Dungeon: How to Unlock Shroom

If you need a great medic in your party here's how to unlock Shroom in Endless Dungeon.

If you want to play an adorable undertaker-turned-medic in Endless Dungeon who’s on that gray line between soul reaper and whimsical healer, Shroom might be for you. In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock Shroom in Endless Dungeon.

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How to Unlock Shroom in Endless Dungeon

Did you know that Shroom was actually named by the community? This chunky and overall pleasantly whimsical support character can aid your party with her collection of plant remedies. You’ll naturally unlock her as you progress through the game.

More specifically, she’s unlocked the first time you enter the Devotion Garden. This is a bit of lore flavor as her character wants to reach the Devotion Garden and explore the various plants and scents there. After you’ve reached it, you’ll need to end your session first and then go to the Saloon to unlock her.

The neat thing about Shroom is that I found she works in any composition and have enjoyed her abilities thoroughly in co-op. This is because not only is she a great healer, as I’ll show you below, but she can dish out some decent damage as well.

Shroom Abilities and Upgrades

Shroom’s repertoire of supportive and healing abilities couples well with any party. The core of her kit is her passive ability to gather Souls and then use them to heal her allies. They work as follows:

  • Wincense! (Passive): For each ten monsters Shroom defeats, a “Soul” is created and collected by Shroom.
  • Soul Patch (Active): Spend Souls to heal allies.
  • Special Mix (Ultimate): This ability drastically boosts health regeneration and defense for all heroes in an AOE centered around Shroom. More importantly, it also prevents knockouts.

Her damage output isn’t bad, which further boosts her healing ability and allows your team to fight beyond death. As you complete Shroom’s quests and upgrade her, you will be able to boost her Soul capacity, healing, and ability power, as well as movement speed. Overall, both lore-wise and mechanically, she’ll make you feel safe and at ease. Her kit is superbly geared towards keeping your team alive in huge fights.

With that, you now know how to unlock Shroom in Endless Dungeon. She might seem terrifying at first with that intimidating size, sickle, and plague mask but she’s a sweetheart. For more guides on the game, check out our Endless Dungeon hub.

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