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Endless Dungeon: What Does Wit Do? Explained

Endless Dungeon has a bunch of stats to consider when creating a party, so here's what Wit does.

The attributes you have at your disposal matter when considering party composition. And with the wrong ones, you’re at a severe disadvantage. What some of these skills do is clear, but others require a little more thought. Here’s what Wit does in Endless Dungeon.

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What Wit Does in Endless Dungeon

Wit is a stat that determines how clever a character is. While that sounds vague, it pertains to a character’s ability to repair equipment. A higher Wit stat means you’ll spend less time using heroes to repair equipment such as turrets. Lower means the opposite.

Wit also controls how many resources a character can generate while they’re operating equipment. This can be a huge boon when it comes to quickly collecting resources, and characters with a high Wit are a huge help for your team.

To see how your Wit works in real-time, interact with a damaged turret. The higher your Wit stat is, the fewer times you’ll need to perform an action to fix it. You’ll give it a boost, as well.

Finally, you can increase your Wit by collecting Hero Chips. As you play Endless Dungeon, you’ll collect Cells that you can spend to buy upgrades. Depending on builds and comps, you may want to go after something like Sweeper’s Warning Label Chip. This increases Wit by 8 points, which helps with things like The New Broom and We’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Bucket upgrades.

How to Check Your Wit Stat

You can check your stats by visiting your menu screen and finding the glossary option. Once you get there, search the bottom to find the statistics section, and you’ll see the Wit stat there. Each hero in the game has a variety of different stats and buffs, and the Wit stat will be different for each. Comrade uses Wit with Army of People to add the stat to his turrets. Others, like Fassie, actually lose Wit with their Hero upgrades (so don’t use them to repair things or gather materials).

With the Wit stat, you’ll be able to function better during tough levels, as you’ll spend less time worrying about Comrade’s turrets and focusing more on the encounter at hand.

I’ve found that investing time into increasing it gives you more resources and makes fights far easier as you’ll be less distracted. There are other stats to invest in as well, but not all of them have the dual nature of Wit, and it’s worth having at least a few heroes who emphasize it before heading out into the unknown.

That’s everything you need to know about how Wit works in Endless Dungeon. There’s a lot to dive into with a game of this nature, and while it can seem simple on the surface, learning about its various systems can become quite involved. For more tips, head over to our other guides for the game here.

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