Wondering how to solve the puzzles in Escape Academy? Use this guide for all of the codes, answers, and more.

Escape Academy: All Puzzle Solutions Guide

Wondering how to solve the puzzles in Escape Academy? Use this guide for all of the codes, answers, and more.

There are dozens of puzzles in Escape Academy. Some are easy to figure out on your own, but others are real head-scratchers and can keep you from moving on to the game’s subsequent chapters. If you’re in search of all of the answers, codes, combinations, and directions, this guide has what you’re looking for. 

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Here’s how to solve all of the puzzles in Escape Academy, starting at the introduction and moving through the game sequentially. 

All Puzzle Solutions in Escape Academy

Introduction Puzzles
  • Box code: 1230.
  • Safe code: FREE.
  • TV remote directions: Up, Right, Down, Up, Right.
  • Business card order: JEB, ALLIE, EEL.
The Entrance Exam Puzzles
  • Desk phone number: 952-4242.
  • Exit Door #1 name: Solange.
  • Briefcase code: 253.
  • Book order: Egypt, Japan, Greece.
  • Piano notes: D, E, A, D.
  • Exit Door #2 name: Jacqueline.
  • Exit Door #3 name: Sandra Jacqueline Solange.
Escape Artist Puzzles
  • Locker code: 139.
  • Slip’s Office code: Red, Purple, Yellow, Green.
  • Art Lab code: Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down.
  • Safe code: Middle Row Left, Middle Row Right, Bottom Row Left.
  • Vase #1 position: Half-open mouth.
  • Vase #2 position: Both eyes look to the right side.
  • Vase #3 position: Both eyebrows, directed to the top right.
  • Max bust position: Left.
  • Megan bust position: Right.
  • Belen bust position: Left.
  • Fergus bust position: Right.
  • Smash busts in order of: Timmy, Michelle, Windsor.
  • Order busts by height of: Women, Man with Glasses, Woman with Glasses, Bald Man, Man in Hat.
Under Pressure Puzzles
  • Door code: [def], [def], [abc], [pqr].
  • Wall values order: Yellow: 3, Blue: 4, Red: 6.
  • Ladder #1 code: [vwx], [ghi], [jkl], [jkl].
  • MK5 safe code: Circle, Circle, Square, Cross, Square.
  • Ladder #2 code: [stu], [jkl], [mno], [vwx].
  • Ladder #3 code: [yz], [mno], [stu], [pqr].
  • Ladder #4 code: [mno], [ghi], [mno], [def].
  • Terminal answer: FEAR WILL SLOW YOUR MIND.
The Breakout Puzzles
  • Radio input: 10-4.
  • Headmaster serial number: 160.
  • Headmaster answer #1: 10-10.
  • Headmaster answer #2: 2.
  • Headmaster answer #3: 503.
  • Machine lock positions: Once down, Twice up, Twice down, Once down, Twice up.
  • Headmaster answer #4: 24213.
  • Letter terminal answer: C, H, A, R, G, E.
  • Turret serial number: 713.
Lab Rat Puzzles
  • Vending machine answer: C4.
  • Computer password: Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
  • Reset password: SAFER.
  • Lever order: E, B, D, H, F, G, C, A.
Trial by Taste Puzzles
  • Microwave timer: 3:35.
  • Freezer code: Square, Ring, U-Shape, Square.
  • Lazy Susan spin order: Clockwise until right, Anti-clockwise until left, Clockwise until down.
  • Present code: Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue.
  • Blackboard machine code: Top, Right, Top, Bottom.
  • Belladonna poison cure recipe:
    • 1 Belladonna dash.
    • 3 Calabar dash.
    • 1 Mineral water.
    • 1 Shaker.
The Tea Kettle Puzzles
  • Shed code: ABKZ.
  • Tool order: Spanner, Brush, Brush, Wrench, Wrench, Brush, Brush, Spanner.
  • Tile puzzle answers:
    • Bottom right: Blue Sunflower with Stripes.
    • Center left: White-Green Tulip.
    • Center right: White-Black Sunflower.
    • Top right: White-Green Sunflower.
  • Flower order: D, C, A, B, E.
  • Button order: Purple, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Yellow.
  • Sereni-Tea machine code: GTT-TAG.
The Rival Room Puzzles
  • Gear order:
    • Bottom left: Large gear.
    • Far right: Medium gear.
    • Center: Small gear.
  • Statue names: MAX, WYATT, TIMMY.
  • Weights and values: 1KG (Red), 2KG (Blue), 4KG (Orange), 3KG (Green), 5KG (White).
  • Weight order:
    • 7KG: White on x1, Red on x2.
    • 9KG: Green on x3.
    • 14KG: Orange on x3, Blue on x1.
  • Rotation Chamber puzzle answers:
    1. Purple Right.
    2. Green Right.
      • Circle.
      • Spade.
      • Club.
    3. Purple Right.
    4. Purple Right.
      • Triangle.
    5. Purple Left.
      • Square.
      • Diamond.
    6. Orange Right.
      • Heart.
  • Bell order: G, E, A, E, D.
  • Puzzle square #1 answer: Left (Pig’s head), Middle (Wings), Right (Pig’s tail).
  • Puzzle square #2 answer: Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.
  • Puzzle square #3 answer: 1st row (1c, 5c, 10c), 2nd row (1c, 10c, 1c).
  • Playing cards puzzle answer: Heart (K), Spade (7), Diamond (Q), Club (3).
  • Padlock code: BANE.
  • Marbles puzzle answer: Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Orange.
Tea ‘N Tea Puzzles
  • Radio station: 900AM.
  • Bomb letter order: A: Up, B: Down, C: Down, D: Down, E: Up, F: Up.
  • Toolbox code: 1178.
  • Briefcase code: 143.
  • Door Buster recipe:
    • RDX: 60%
    • Solvent: 10%
    • Plasticizer: 30%
  • Light configuration:
    • White White.
    • Black White.
    • Black Black.
    • White White.
  • Cube grid code: A4, B6, д2.
  • Wires to cut: Yellow, Green.
Where There’s Smoke Puzzles
  • Word to flip: THROUGH.
  • Chest #1 combination: Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left.
  • Chest #2 code: 2257.
  • Clock puzzle answer:
    1. Large clock: Middle crank to 6.
    2. Middle clock: Right crank to 2.
    3. Small clock: Left crank to 10.
  • Chest #3 code: 6869.
  • Picture puzzle answers:
    • Blue: BJS
    • Red: TVO
    • Yellow: GJSF
  • Tile puzzle answer: Anvil, Lion, Bird, Scale.
The Confrontation Puzzles
  • Central bottle fill depth: 4 Units.
  • Container puzzle answers:
    • Right container: Middle.
    • Left container: Right.
    • Right container: Middle.
    • Left container: Right.
    • Middle container: Left.
    • Left container: Right.
    • Right container: Middle.
What Lies Below Puzzles
  • Lockpad puzzle answer:
    1. Start at 0.
    2. Turn clockwise to 10.
    3. Turn Anti-clockwise to 25.
    4. Turn clockwise to 15.
  • Letter selection order: A, C, E.
  • Testing machine #1 answer: B, C, D.
  • Testing machine #2 answer: A, D, E.
  • Column puzzle solution: C (shortest), B (short), A (medium), E (tall), D (Tallest).
  • Testing machine #3 answer: B, D.
  • Tank puzzle solution: A (Bromine), B (Fluoride), C (Cobalt Oxide), D (Water), E (Fluoride).
  • QUANTY puzzle #1 answer: W, I, P, E.
  • QUANTY puzzle #2 answer: S, T, O, P.
  • QUANTY puzzle #3 answer: R, E, F, R, E, S, H.
  • QUANTY puzzle #4 answer: U, N, D, O.
  • QUANTY puzzle #5 answer: O, P, E, N, U, P.
  • QUANTY puzzle #6 answer: S, H, U, T, D, O, W, N.

Those are all puzzle solutions in Escape Academy. Part of the fun is solving these riddles and brain teaser yourself, but it’s no fun to get stuck.

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