Six new skyshards are ready and waiting to be discovered in the Clockwork City expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online! This guide shows you where they are.

ESO Clockwork City DLC: Skyshards Locations Guide

Six new skyshards are ready and waiting to be discovered in the Clockwork City expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online! This guide shows you where they are.

After arriving early for PC players, the console crowd can finally get in on the new zone, extra trial, updated transmutation system, and added asylum weapons in the Clockwork City DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online!

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If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the Clockwork City expansion comes free to ESO Plus members or is available to buy in-game for 2,000 crowns. The upgraded 4,000 crown deluxe bundle also nets you the nifty Clockwork Skeevaton pet and Kagouti Fabricant mount if you really want to sport some new clockwork-themed pals.

With the addition of a new zone comes extra skyshards to track down as well. Below, we cover all the skyshards that have been discovered so far in the realm of Sotha Sil — as well as their locations!

Check the map below for the general area where the skyshards are found, followed by detailed descriptions of how to reach each specific location, as some of them require using doors or portals to access different areas.

 (image courtesy of The Elder Scrolls Wiki)

Clockwork City Skyshard #1

For this skyshard, head west from the Brass Fortress entrance and then travel beneath the drainage pipes found by the river. The skyshard is clearly visible along the banks underneath a pipe and next to some rocks by a string of lights.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 1

Clockwork City Skyshard #2

Next up, travel north from the Pavilion of Artifice crafting station and look for the large brass fluid pumps sticking out of the water. The skyshard is in the middle of three of the brass pumps all clustered closely together.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 2

Clockwork City Skyshard #3

To get to this skyshard, enter the door to the Mechanical Fundament found west of the Brass Fortress entrance. Inside the Mechanical Fundament section, jump down to the lower area with the broken pipes to find the skyshard on the right side of the tunnel.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 3

Clockwork City Skyshard #4

For the fourth shard, go inside the door leading to the Skybridge section of the Brass Fortress (in the restricted brass works). This skyshard is found on the edge of the bridge by the fence and located above the Fortified Brass Set crafting station.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 4

Clockwork City Skyshard #5

For the fifth skyshard, go through the door leading to the Halls Of Regulations near the southeast edge of the map. Inside the Halls, you are looking for a junction with three tunnels going in different directions. The skyshard is at the center of the junction.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 5

Clockwork City Skyshard #6

For the final Clockwork City DLC skyshard, you have to first head over to the southwest corner of the map and walk inside a small cave/tunnel to access the portal to the Shadow Cleft.

After transporting to the separate Shadow Cleft area, travel along the main path over to the far east side of the map to find the river. If you run down the river eventually there’s a part where it drops down in a semi-waterfall to a new clearing.

Head forward into the center of the clearing to find the last Clockwork DLC skyshard waiting to be claimed.

That’s all six skyshards that have been discovered so far — let us know when you find them all. Special thanks to YouTuber Shimmer for the screenshots. 

Enjoy your new skill points from the shards, and have fun tracking down everything else in this mechanical expansion to the Elder Scrolls experience.

Be sure to leave a comment if you’d like to see us cover any other Clockwork City guides or have any questions on finding these locations! Need help with the base game or any of the other DLC areas? Check out our full list of ESO guides right here.

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