EVE Echoes Race Overview Guide

This guide will help you choose amongst the four available races in the new mobile sci-fi sandbox EVE Echoes.

This guide will help you choose amongst the four available races in the new mobile sci-fi sandbox EVE Echoes.
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EVE Echoes brings the acclaimed MMORPG to the mobile space in a collaboration between the base game developer CCP and publisher NetEase. Things aren’t all that different between the two titles, and even the races are shared between EVE and EVE Echoes.

There is no technical wrong choice when choosing a race for your character, but it’s best you know what you’re getting into before you start as there is no way to delete your characters in EVE Echoes.

The Four Races of EVE Echoes


The main advantage of the Amarr race is its arsenal of laser weapons that inflict electromagnetic and thermal damage.

The only real drawback of Amarr is the speed of movement. The frigates and destroyer ships are quite slow, which means that this race is not fit for kiting, but rather accurate and deliberate sniping of enemy fleets.

The deployable drone ships have a huge selection of features and damage types.

Another big advantage is their easily repairable defense system, which makes its big tank ships fit for brawling.

There are three types of groups you can play within the Amarr empire:

  • Politicians
  • Traders
  • Warriors

This race is quite similar in playstyle to Amarr with just a few distinct differences.

Just like Amarr, this race does not focus on the mobility and speed of their ships, but more on the defense systems and deployable drones.

The DPS output of its railgun blasters that deal kinetic and theramal damage can be really devastating. But due to slow speed you also need to focus on putting a lot of effort into armor repairs, as you’ll get damaged pretty easily yourself.

The drone system is highly effective and makes the Gallente race the most effective one for PvE battles.

The three main groups that belong to the Gallente race are:

  • Freedom Fighters
  • Thinkers
  • Social Climbers

Now this is where you get to actually experience hit-and-run tactics in all their glory. The Minmatar race is famous for its speedy and mobile ships.

Its cannon weapon is equipped with a wide variety of damage types, but the best part is that it doesn’t require any kinds of capacitors to deal a lot of damage.

On the other hand, the defense systems are lacking a bit unless you are ready to invest a high cost into bolstering your defenses.

The three main groups of the Minmatar race are:

  • Engineers
  • Humble Beginnings
  • Everymen

This race can be categorized somewhere between Minmatar and Amarr. It has a high speed fleet, which can also play sniping games with slower and better equipped giants.

They use highly effective missile weapons that make their fleet useful in rat tactics, and are also very useful for kiting.

Their defense systems are on the weaker side, but they can be quickly recharged if needed.

Caldari is a universally acclaimed race by many EVE players, so give it a go with these three groups:

  • Authoritarians
  • Competitives
  • Introverts

That’s all you need to know about the races in EVE Echoes, and be sure to check out our related EVE Online guides.

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