Evil Dead: The Game Demon Class Skill Guide

Playing as the demon master in the Evil Dead's asymmetrical multiplayer can be an infernally good time... if you know what you're doing.

Playing as the demon master in the Evil Dead's asymmetrical multiplayer can be an infernally good time... if you know what you're doing.

Evil Dead: The Game takes many cues from Left 4 Dead, but perhaps the biggest one is giving players the option to control the enemy mob in an asymmetrical multiplayer experience.

This is one of the draws of Evil Dead, and playing the Demons can be a great time, but unlike if you play on the Survivors side you don’t have any teammates to help you learn. At first, it can be easy to get crushed by a squad of four players who are communicating with one another. 

But once you get to know each of the three Demon classes’ abilities and how their respective Boss characters play, you will realize the deck is actually stacked in your favor. 

Evil Dead: The Game: Demon Classes Explained

There are three classes to choose from when playing as the demons in Evil Dead: Warlord, Puppeteer, and Necromancer.

Each class is balanced for different playstyles but each can be deadly in the right hands. They all have their own unique skill tree, although there are a good number of skills that appear on all three. Here’s the gist on each of the Demon classes in Evil Dead: The Game

Warlord Class

As a Warlord you can spawn Deadites and Elite Deadites to attack players. This class is about doing as much damage as possible and buffing those units as well as investing in making Henrietta, the boss character, stronger. 

Henrietta is a tank who makes all demons around her stronger. Her unique ability Bad Influence generates an aura around the player that increases the power of surrounding evil units.

Like with the survivors, when you dump points into a class’s skill tree you are working your way to unlock more unique character abilities. This applies to demon bosses as well. At levels 15, 5, and 45 Henrietta gets increasing levels of Really Bad Influences, which makes her aura even stronger. 

Some great early Skills to unlock on the Warlord tree are Hemophobia and High Blood Pressure. The first increases the fear of Survivors every time they get splattered by blood and the second increases splatter range. Together these two have great synergy. Any skill that will upgrade Henrietta’s attacks is also highly recommended. 

Puppeteer Class

The Puppeteer class in Evil Dead is the most unique, as it is focused on possession and building up the Survivor’s fear meters to more easily possess them. Your summons won’t hit as hard as the other classes, but Deadite Berserkers will explode when players kill them. You can also create Demi-Eligos demons which have the ability to duplicate themselves if they aren’t quickly disposed of. 

The boss character you’ll be controlling is the Eligos Demon. Its unique Puppet Master ability and its three upgrade tiers makes units you possess stronger and gives them more health. 

The best skills to invest in will help you be more efficient with the tools given to the Puppeteer class. Tier 2’s Berserker Blowout skill increases the radius of your Berserker’s self-destruct and tier 3’s Insane Clone Posse increases damage done by clones.

Finally, an essential skill to the class is in the fourth tier. Easy Access will reduce how much energy it takes to posses any of your units, an absolute no brainer for a class focused on possession.

Necromancer Class

The Necromancer class will be the go-to for Army of Darkness fans. You summon skeletons to overrun the survivors, and the boss character you can control is Evil Ash, who runs around with a sword causing death.

Ash can dodge and he is invulnerable to knockback, making him quite the threat to players on the opposite team. Additionally, unlike the Warlord and Puppeteer the Necromancer has four (ok, more like three) unique character skills. All of the Necromancer’s are focused on powering up certain units.

Necromancer unique abilities

  • Flute to Kill – Increase the bonus damage and defense that the flautist provides to nearby evil units.
  • Skelephobia (Lvl 15) – Skeletons increase the fear level of Survivors near them.
  • Motivational Music (Lvl 25) – Increases damage and defense that the flautist provides.
  • Skeletal Injury (Lvl 25) – Skeletons increase the damage received by nearby Survivors.

The best skills to invest in as a Necromancer are the ones that buff your skellies. Earlier on, in level three of the tree, you should focus on Bone Rage, which makes your skeletons attack more frequently. In the fifth tier you will find Skeletal Reinforcements increases the number of Skeletons you spawn as Evil Ash.

If you want more information on the Demon boss characters, you can check out our best Demon character guide. For anything else on Evil Dead: The Game be sure to swing on by our other Evil Dead guides.

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