Evil Dead: The Game — Best Demon Characters

Scare the living daylights out of survivors with our guide to the best demon characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

In Evil Dead: The Game, there are nine demon characters divided into three main class archetypes: Warlord, Puppeteer, and Necromancer. You can unlock each at Level 3, Level 5, and Level 10, respectively. But not all of them are worthy of your time.

This guide will list only the best demon characters in Evil Dead: The Game. You will find out why these demons are so powerful, and also obtain knowledge about their best skills and their weaknesses.

Best Demon Characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Ash

  • Class Type: Necromancer.

The boss of the Necromancer team is a real problem for any survivor. Evil Ash's main advantage is the ability to dodge melee attacks, and he has immunity against knockbacks, which makes him extremely difficult to deal with.

Besides the typical light and heavy sword attacks, this demon has the Skeletal Support ability, which allows him to summon skeletons to fight for him. On top of that, his Skeletal Resurrection brings all skeletons that have died back to life, and become affected by his aura.

Another thing that survivors must watch out for is his Infernal Invigoration skill when he grabs and chokes you. At that point, the whole team receives damage. All survivors must attack Evil Ash to help their teammate break free from the demon's clutches.

Best Unit: Skeleton Elite

The best unit on the Necromancer's team is the Skeleton Elite, a skelly that carries a Trident spear and a shield, which protects them from melee attacks. This unit also has an AoE attack called Trident Smash, and they are capable of using their spear to deal ranged damage with the Trident Toss skill.


  • Class Type: Puppeteer.

One of Eligos' biggest advantages is their Invisibility skill, which allows them to move completely unnoticed. This can create some serious obstacles for survivors, as Eligos can attack them totally unexpectedly.

In addition, Eligos can use Telekinetic Surge and Psycho Squeeze, which allow them to paralyze and damage all nearby survivors. Just like with Evil Ash's choke, other survivors must attack Eligos to break the effect.

When it comes to ranged damage, this demon can throw rocks at survivors, using Casting Stones ability. Their only drawback is that they can't wear any armor or carry a shield, so it's easier to damage them than Evil Ash.

Best Unit: Demi-Eligos

This support demon has immunity to ranged weapons, so don't attempt at killing him with a shotgun. But they will go down easily from a mere sword. They can also clone themselves using the Duplicate ability. But this clone has very little HP, so killing them will be even easier.


  • Class Type: Warlord

The only demon lady in Evil Dead: The Game puts a lot of punch into her attacks  and has the power of levitation.

It's easier to spot Henrietta than to damage her, as she leaves a trail of toxic gas behind her with the Gas Leak ability. Survivors trying to get close to her will be immediately damaged.

She also has her own choking attack called Granny Hug, but what you really must avoid is her Belly Flop AoE. At least it's easy to spot; she dumps herself onto the ground, striking everyone close to her.

Clearly, her abilities are not as good as those of Evil Ash or Eligos, but she can be a very tough foe to deal with.

Best Unit: Deadite Elite

Henrietta's support demon is a real bugger. Once you strike him with a melee weapon, his blood splatters all around, obscuring the view of the survivors.

He's also quite slow, but his axe can deal relatively high damage (although he doesn't always spawn with one).

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Published May. 21st 2022

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